The Habit of Seeing Him

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Oct 022009

The Habit of seeing Him.

If you are like me, you spend much of your day going through the normal ordinary activities of the day. If we could only learn to see Him in the ordinary, we would see how close He really is to us.  Today look for Him and teach your children the habit of seeing Him in the ordinary.  

I saw Him today

I saw Him in the smile of my three-month-old baby, as I peeked over her crib.

I saw Him as I watched two brothers playing together in the yard.

I saw Him as my older girls served their younger siblings.

I saw Him in a gift given to us.

I saw Him as my husband mowed yards to supplement income.

I saw Him when my three year old sang to her new baby sister.

I saw Him as we sat around the dinner table.

I saw Him as we passed out goodnight kisses and hugs.

I saw Him because today I took the time to see Him.

Psalms 8:17 I love all who love me.
      Those who search will surely find me.

Originally written September 2007

 by: littlesanctuary

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  1. So beautiful!!! Thank you Kim!! This truth has been a theme lately in my life. I love it when God creates all kinds of ways to speak to us, it’s just one other way he expresses His love to us!! Be Blessed, Angie

  2. Love it!

  3. Loved it then, love it now 🙂

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