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Nov 242009

With holidays coming up there will be a bunch of action in the kitchen. So how do you allow preschoolers to safely be part of busy cooking time? Here’s just a few, simple habits we use often.

Bring on the bubbles. Spread a towel, get a sturdy stool and let your child play in the sink with the soapy, soaking pots and pans. You’ll be amazed at the smiles. Add a large serving spoon and you have a recipe for splashing. The suds will also give you a reason to mop the floor afterwards 🙂

Just be sure you know ahead of time that a change of outfit may be in order. Or plan ahead and put one of those plastic smocks on your little one. Tell yourself it’s ok. You are making a mess cooking. Allow your child to be messy too. Do not attempt to incorporate this when you are rushed for time.

Stir. When you plop that hunk of butter into the mashed potatoes, call your handy action stirrer!

Set the table. Young children can help set the table and clear it. One can be in charge of the drinks. Here’s a special way children can decorate their own Thanksgiving kids’ table. Click here for printable placemats and a centerpiece to color.

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Have fun with your little helper!

  11 Responses to “Preschoolers as part of the action”

  1. Adorable. I used to let my boys do this, too. They loved it.

  2. Cheap shaving cream is a nice alternative when/if they become bored with bubbles! I let my boys do that in the kitchen sink as well.

    • Thanks for that reminder Melissa. We haven’t played in shaving cream in a while. And it’s fun to let them do that while they are in the bathtub… then rinse it away!

  3. Bubbles are so much fun!!!!!!!! I love the preschool years. Mine are past that, my youngest is 10 but thankfully I have a grandson to take the spot 🙂

  4. This was always so much fun for my little ones…. we filled up the bathroom sink and I let them give their Little People baths, too. Good times!

  5. Cute photos! I’ve always gotta watch when my 3yo is “washing” dishes because we get a flood all over the kitchen floor – and I get to clean under the stove and fridge. 🙂

  6. We love bubbles in the sink too. The sink looks so clean when we are done.

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