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Spend time and find resources so that it’s easier to maintain the habit of having your kids…………..




The benefits of having your kids Create and Think are endless. I hope you will find something useful in my list of links to some great blogs for ideas, tips, motivation and encouragement and also many links to crafts, projects, challenges, etc. that are great for kids of all ages.

The weekly Handicraft/ Life skills Spotlight and Challenge @ The One Thing 

Delightful Learning’s Weekly “Up for a Challenge”

The Home Depot Kids Building Projects

Lowes Build To Grow Projects

The Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival (Ideas, tips, etc)

Hands On Home Schooling Blog Carnival (Ideas, Tips, etc)

Daily Feed the Brain Links (Awesome links):

Answers in Genesis (Also check out their KidsAnswers section)

Adventures in Odyssey:

Weekly Memory Cross Challenge (I have not checked out the whole site but what I did see looks good):

Science Projects (Here are just a few)

Unplugged Blog Challenge: Examples of Weekly Themes: 1.Orange 2.Square 3.Balance

Think: Kids Who Think Blog Challenge

Sketch Tuesday: Weekly Sketch assignment

Elementary Math Challenge Games:

Test your knowledge of Georgraphy

Craft and Art Ideas @ The Crafty Crow

Sewing Projects for Kids @ The Kid’s Sewing Blog

FUN with and IN God’s Creation

Art and Nature Kits, Lapbooks and more @ Hearts and Trees Blog

Learn how to play Chess

Have Fun at the ChildFUN Site

Learn to Read @ StarFall

Learn about Dinosaurs @ The Great Dinosaur Mystery Site

Check Out Bembo’s Zoo…….it is an Animal Letter Book that comes to life =o)

Here is one to get your kids moving: The Physical Fitness Challenge


This post was taken from my own Blog: The One Thing but I did add new links and made sure all the older links were still good!!

  3 Responses to “The Habit of Having your kids Create and Think!”

  1. LOVE your linkage! And will surely be back again visiting these sites (from here or your blog). Thanks for the great resources.

  2. What a great list! Thanks for the mention. *Ü*

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