Feb 172010

The “Workbox Systemworks for us!!

The Lord has really been speaking to me about my Habits and I am so thankful He is because I want to be the best I can be for the Lord, my husband and my boys. The workbox system is a tool that God has put in my path and it truly is a very much appreciated gift. This is helping  (pushing) me to be more focused, accountable, organized and more. This system is helping to take away the questions from my boys “How much more of school do we have?”, “What are we doing today?”. It has taken away the normal opportunities for distractions and it keeps us moving at a better pace. I’m very happy with what this system is doing for my boys and myself so I  just had to share how the workbox system looks in our home. This is a follow-up on two other post of mine on the subject of Habit Formation. One is Habit of Crying out to God and the other is What about our own HabitsREAD MORE

  2 Responses to “Habit Formation: The habit of finding what works for you”

  1. Looks great Angie! What a clever way to organize it all.

  2. The photos are very helpful in visualizing it all. I really like the frame of “completed boxes” – framed work!

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