Spring Cleaning

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Apr 052010

I love spring. I love the promise of new life that can be seen everywhere, the fresh morning air, the crickets and frogs singing me to sleep at night, the bright green of baby leaves sprouting high and low, the trees in bloom, the pollen… okay, maybe not the pollen. But this year it seems that everywhere I look, there is work that needs to be done that is clouding my appreciation of what nature is doing. There are weeds to be pulled, shrubs to be trimmed, plants that need transplanting. And on the inside – windows with finger and nose prints covered by dusty blinds, spider webs in high corners, smudges on walls, carpet that needs shampooing. The list goes on and on.

As I was surveying all the little messes that had been neglected during the cold of winter, I realized I also needed to do some spring cleaning of a different variety. The internal kind of cleaning. Through the last several months of busyness, hectic schedules, holidays and birthdays, I have let go of some of my good habits and allowed a few not-so-good habits to sneak in to our life. I’ve become disorganized and forgetful. I’ve been focused on myself much of the time. I’ve let my tendency to procrastinate take over again and again. I’ve let our home drift back into the realm of chaos.

We weren’t planning to take a spring break this week  – we were just going to plow right through and finish up early. But I’ve decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather, send the kids outside to enjoy it, and use this week to tackle some of these issues:

  • Am I spending as much time with God as I should?
  • Are there things clogging up our schedule that really don’t need to be there?
  • Are there good habits that I intended to start, but never did?
  • How can I let go of the bad habits that have crept in?
  • How can we focus more on spiritual growth (and less on busyness) in our family?

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  1. Oh thank you for this. We too are taking a spring break! What a great start and focus for our week – for us to answer these questions as well.

  2. I love spring break week. everyone cancels everything, no dance, baseball etc. we will be taking a few days off this week as well.

  3. This is so me. I have had a bit of spring fever and have been ‘slacking’ a little.

    I am enjoying this week with few calendar commitments which has allowed me to get back on track.

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