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May 242010

As June approaches and the days grow steamier by the minute, I start thinking, “what on earth are we going to do while the kids are out of school?”

One of our favorite summer activities is to head to one of the local theaters to take advantage of the free family films that are offered during the summer.  But as I’m sure you’ve noticed, not all of the “family films” are family friendly. If you plan to participate in the free movie days, I’d like to encourage you, if you haven’t already, to check out the movie reviews at Plugged In Online. It is a Christian based entertainment review site, sponsored by the folks at Focus on the Family.

The reviews are very straightforward and give you a very clear understanding about the content of the films without taking the extreme conservative approach, i.e. “Hollywood is of the devil”. They make it easy for us to sift through the language, violence, spiritual content, etc… and make wise choices about what influences we allow to be brought into our family.

They have also helped us to stumble upon some movie treasures that I would otherwise have missed.  When I saw Desperaux on the summer movie list a couple years ago, I had never even heard of it before. After I read the reviews at Plugged In, we decided to see it. Now it is one of our favorites. Maybe my family just has a thing for brave little mice.

Plugged In doesn’t just stop with movies. They also have reviews of TV shows, music, and video games. It really is a fantastic site and I hope you’ll check it out.

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  1. Definitely two thumbs up for this helpful post! Plugged in has helped our family so much – especially when all the hype is telling us the latest movie is a ‘must see.’

  2. Plugged In has been a great resource for our family, especially as our oldest has entered the teen years.

  3. I love plugged in!! Thanks for reminding me about teh summer free movies, I had forgotten about them!!

  4. I use plugged in for myself, too. Just this week, I thought about going with my sister-in-law to see a new chick flick that everyone is talking about and the media has made look lighthearted and fun. What a shock when I saw the movie was filled with self-seeking and immoral behavior. Not only will my girls not see this one, neither will I. Thanks, PluggedIn!

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