How I walk with Jesus

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Nov 102010
I walk in mud, in ugliness, in circles, in place, in dark, in shadows, in doubt, in fear, in laziness, in distraction, in discontent, in apathy, in judgement, in impatience, in hurt, in confusion, in love, in forgiveness, in mercy, in compassion, in inspiration, in assurance, in faithfulness, in awe, in power, in encouragement, in Word, in grace, in peace, in joy, in gentleness, in kindness, within, inside and surrounded by HIM.
I walk in places I don’t want to be, I walk in places I never want to leave but what is the humbling, the amazing, incredible, AWEsome truth is that I am always walking in and beside my DESTINATION!! He who walks with me, He who cleans the mud off, He who leads me into the light, He who overshadows the fear, He who is quick to show compassion, He who is quick to forgive, He who takes my hand and never lets go, He who gives a little tug when it’s needed, He who never walks away is my DESTINATION!!


How do I walk with Jesus?………… any way I can!!
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Ps. 23:4a

***Originally posted Oct. 29, 2009 on my blog ‘The One thing” under the “Walking with Him” category ***

  4 Responses to “How I walk with Jesus”

  1. Such a great reminder!

  2. I love how you walk us around with journeys we all experience and lead us to the One that will never walk away!

  3. I love the part about Jesus “cleaning the mud off.” I tend to forget that He’s not mad at me when I mess up. He’s helping me get back on His path, but in a loving, caring way.

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