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Nov 272010

My three year old daughter brought me a picture the other day.  She said, “Daddy, here is a picture of you.” She handed me the picture.  This particular picture was taken before she was born.  In it were the three older children with a red-suited man who had a long, white beard.

Ever since my oldest daughter was old enough to understand language, I have told my children that I am Santa Claus.  I suspected that they would not believe me; I was right.  I have always told the truth about who Santa Claus is.

During the Christmas season, I have a song that I sing (to the tune of ‘Jolly Old St. Nicholas’) to reiterate my status as Santa:

Daddy is St. Nicholas,

He says so every day!

He’s always telling every soul,

What I’m about to say;

He is coming very soon;

He is a dear old man,

He won’t say what he’s bringing you;

So find out if you can.

Since the true reason for Christmas is so important, I did not want my children to wonder if the other person so closely identified with Christmas–the person whose name the holiday shares–was also a fictitious character.

So, I decided early on that I would simply tell the truth when asked about Santa Claus. This has been a source of great amusement for my children.  They get to hear their “deluded” father claim that he is Santa Claus.  They then point out all of the reasons that I cannot be Santa.

I get the satisfaction of focusing the season not on a fictitious character, but on the Great Gift–the Christ.

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  1. This is wonderful. We have also not played up Santa Claus but I like your creative twist. What I found extremely hard when they were younger is raising my three boys to not expound on their “knowledge” and ruin it for dear friends who have opted to believe in a Santa. It puts stress on my kids. We are at the stage that all my children know how to handle those moments because they are older but it did put some strain on some friendships for a season. We’ve had good friends not have playdates for NOV/DEC so we don’t ruin it for them. Thankfully, God also gave us good friends who join in our way of celebration. Would love to hear how you handled this situation.

  2. This made me cry…. for so many reasons. We did not make this choice, initially and paid a dear price for doing so. But, God nudged our hearts, reminded us not to take glory from him and not to take anything from my husband…who works so hard to pay for our home, our wants and our needs. All of those – ultimately provided by the Father.

    You bless me!

  3. Tricia, I just love this post. I really enjoyed reading how you and your husband are so intentional. Boy, I wish we lived closer.

    When my oldest (now 7) was three, he asked me if Santa Claus was real like Jesus was.

    Our decision to do Santa or not suddenly became an easy choice. 🙂

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