Love Gives

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Feb 212011

“Love inspires us to sacrifice what we want in order to give our spouse what they need.” -Stephen Kendrick

My husband has been picking up my slack quite a bit lately. I can’t count how many nights he has cooked dinner (or breakfast or lunch) in the 3 months since our 4th son was born. I don’t know why, but I really had a hard time getting back into my cooking routine with this child. When I do manage to get dinner on the table, I don’t ever have to think about the dishes because he takes care of them for me. This morning when I was running late for church, he changed and dressed the baby and made sure everyone else was ready to go, giving me the time I needed.

A few weeks ago when he said he wanted to play football with some guys from church, I said absolutely. It has become something they do just about every Sunday and I think it is great.  He comes home sore and tired and smelly, but recharged and smiling and ready for another week.

This isn’t a tit-for-tat sort of thing. I’m not saying that if he does all the right things, then he earns some time to do what he wants. I’ve watched him lay down his own desires and dreams for his family time and time again, so I get pretty excited when I see an opportunity love him back.

Kendra is a stay-at-home homeschooling mother of four rowdy boys. Ok, three rowdy boys and one who is still sweet and cuddly. She’s been married to her high-school sweetheart for twelve years. When she’s not playing teacher, nurse, cook or housekeeper, she loves to read and write.

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  1. Marriage is a partnership! So happy to hear that you and your husband support and love one another so well — thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

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