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Feb 012011

“That turkey wrap was a nice surprise at lunch today,” he says as he puts the lunchbox on the counter, just home from work.

Making my husband’s lunch is a habit I started when we were newlyweds. Back then I would write a little something on his napkin so he knew I was thinking about him. A cute code message or a simple I love you. Like lots of other things, that habit wasn’t so consistent once children came along. Little growling tummies and empty juice cups took precedence.

Then one day it hit me. Not only was it was the sheer cost of lunches out, I realized something else. This husband and I – we were a family before children came along. I should make taking care of him a priority.
(Lots of Love in a Lunch Box is for children. But I picked up at the Lifeway store on a date night. There are plenty little notes that I can pop in his lunchbox. And the others I can spread around in children’s workboxes or on nightstands.)

So I tried to be better. I’d hastily throw something together before bed or during the morning rush. However, in the last few years I found something that really worked. Maybe it will work for you too.
While I am cleaning up supper I fix my husband’s lunch for the next day. Here’s a handy check list of benefits:

  • I can tuck yummy supper leftovers into a container right then.
  • I’m cleaning up dirty dishes, so it’s ok to dirty a few more dipping a knife into the mayo.
  • Children, wandering by, love to volunteer to help. They offer wonderful, new ideas to surprise Daddy. Little gifts of a mixture of chips. Plus, youngest can reach a water bottle and bring it for me to put in Daddy’s lunch box.
  • Homemade is healthier for him than drive thru.
  • Sometimes when making his lunch, I’ll make sandwiches for the rest of us too. Especially if I know it is going to be a full day the next day.
  • Thinking about his lunch helps me plan better lunches all around.
  • Fresh inspiration from $5 Dinner Mom Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook.
  • I can still tuck a love note in with his sandwich.

But really, this act of service shows love. Love in a lunch box. The simple habit of making his lunch shows my husband that he is important to me.

…Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

Ok, so raise your hand in the comments if you pack your husband’s lunch. What are your easy, lunch box ideas?

-Tricia homeschools five children from preschool to high school. She’s forsaken life in the drive thru lane for the road home. She’s saving bucks and her sanity with the frugal recipes and sock it away strategies of her Southern roots. You can find her facing that daily dose of chaos at Hodgepodge. Tricia is a.k.a. Hodgepodgemom.

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  1. I am so ever lucky to have a hubby that comes home for lunch from 2-3. It turns into a show and tell of what we did in our learning adventures that day. We pack lunches for our excursions – I love packing pickles, or sliced cheese. We packed crackers and sliced meats. We often do mayo-less on lunches as we won’t know exactly when we will eat. I like picking up the cheese/jalopeno round bread rolls for a special treat on an outing. I love it when hubby comes home for lunch as I’m pulling out our dinner out of the oven. He loves walking through the door to the smells! (usually good)

  2. Angie – what a wonderful blessing that your husband comes home for lunch! And I love all your ‘ready for an adventure’ lunch ideas. Thanks!

  3. Love this sweet and practical idea! 🙂 Thank you for sharing! Our husbands really do need to be our first priority (after God). One of the greatest gift you can give your children is a healthy marriage — by respecting and putting his needs at the top, you help to do that! 🙂

  4. Love it! I have been married 20 years and only had to pack my husband’s lunch for a couple years…first, he worked at a college that provided his lunch free. Next, he telecommuted, then free-lanced, so he ate with us at home. Finally, after 17 years of marriage, he started going to an office and I got to pack him a lunch. Tucking the notes in was fun.
    Now, he’s back to telecommuting, but today, on a rare occasion, he had to go in to the office. I forgot all about the lunch! As he was leaving, I called down from my warm bed for him to take my precious Starbucks cash out of my purse and eat out. Does this count as an act of love? I will e-mail him the love note later this afternoon. =)

  5. I pack my husband’s lunch every evening after dinner, as well. And many times, I go ahead and pack his lunch as soon as dinner is ready. I take from the “first fruits” of the meal, so to speak, and make sure hubby has something warm to fill his belly the next day. Having a teenage boy in the house, you realize real soon that if there is any food leftover, it’s going into the boy’s belly before into Dad’s plate. 🙂

    But having a warm meal makes him feel special when all his co-workers are going out for hamburgers and fries or maybe even a fancy meal, to have something home cooked to eat. Living on a tight budget doesn’t have to mean the most important earthly man to us has to feel cheated.

  6. Sherri, that is wonderful! (And funny!) Some of us have teenage girls who can also make food disappear quickly…=)
    The way all you ladies honor your husbands is such an encouragement to me! I want to think of something nice to do when mine comes home tonight. Hmmm….maybe I’ll make a special dinner…..

  7. I make Phil’s lunch for him everyday and although it seems like a chore at times, I know it blesses him and he appreciates it. Since he is working on a jobsite, it is sandwiches everyday.

  8. Kim – of course sending your Starbucks money counts! 🙂 Sherri – I really like the idea of making your husband’s lunch while you fix supper. May be trying that soon. Heidi – you are blessing with your sandwich special!

  9. Update…text from my husband…lunch was on the company today! I told him to use the SB money to grab dinner on the way home, as he is still at work after 6:30 pm, and it’s 60 miles away!
    Heidi, I would love some sandwich ideas if you have some creative ones!

  10. This is wonderful. Thank you for all the helpful ideas. For 18yrs I have been making my husbands lunch and making sure the coffee pot is ready for him just to hit the button to turn it on. Before kids I would wake up when he did 4:30am and put everything in his lunch box, pour the coffee in his cup and before we had a garage and the cars were outside, I would go crank his car for him. I am so glad I did all that and that I still get his lunch and the coffee pot ready but I am so glad I don’t get up at 4:30am anymore =)

    • Angie, I always knew you were awesome 🙂 I have the privilege of making Joe’s lunch, most morning’s I am up putting it together @ 4:00 am because most days are sandwiched and I don’t want them to be soggy (silly I know). I haven’t cranked the car for him in a while, thank you for the reminder.

  11. I make my husband’s lunch every day that he is home and not on the road. He is so proud of the fact that I pack his lunch because it makes his coworkers jealous. 🙂

    I am not imaginative but I have a routine that works for me and he doesn’t mind the lack of variety.

    Right now he is out of town and he keeps telling me that he misses my special cup of coffee in his mug each morning.

    Packing a lunch for hubby is a wonderful habit (but I do enjoy the breaks when he is working out of town).

  12. I found this website while looking for simple creative ideas to pack hubby’s lunch. It is so nice to see other ladies loving their husbands, and thank you for the new ideas. I didn’t read through all of the comments, but wanted to share that if I pack pre-washed and ready fruits(grapes, apples, peeled orange :), he very likely eats them just as easily as potato chips. Also having yummy dried fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. on hand is also quick and easy and nutritious. I am currently pregnant with our first, and these foods have become my staples. 🙂

  13. I don’t get to do it every day, but I’ve been married a month now, and I love making my husbands lunches. He’s on the road during the day, so its mostly sandwiches (we’ve found if i toast the bread before building the sandwich, I can do it the night before and it won’t be soggy by the next day. I try to put in bits of treats too – sometimes sweets, sometimes chips. Othertimes, I’ll sub in the sandwiches for pizza rolls (crescent rolls with mozerella, pepperoni and a tiny bit of tomato sauce. They’re good cold, which is a requirement. He says he never realized how much it would matter, but that he really appreciates and values having a lunch ready for him when he leaves in the morning.

  14. Hello! I just found your site from pinterest, and I had a question for you.

    I am just starting to make lunches for my husband– we are starting a no spend month, so food comes from the house, not the fast food place, or restaurant, but I am lost on what bag/thermos to get. I see you have them pictured, but I can not tell what they are.

    I have found a hard time finding a bag that will stay insulated, and I am not sure if it is what I am getting, or if I am lacking the skills to properly keep it cold (with usage of freeze packs, etc..)

    Any suggestions?

    I do love your tips on making it easier. We have been married for 5 years and I have never made his lunch, so I am facing the great unknown, and your tips make complete sense and are really helpful!


    • Hi Kristian! The lunch box pictured is one we invested in after 14 years of marriage! It is a Lands End lunchbox. We also bought the separate Thermos to use for soups and such. And I put in a ‘blue ice’ pack to keep things cool. Hope that helps some? Blessings on your no spend month full of lunches from home 🙂

  15. Thanks for the inspiration, as always, Tricia!

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