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Jul 222011

Managing the explosion of technological devices making their way into our homes needn’t be a daunting task.  Here is a compilation of technology management posts–both from around the web and from our own archives.

SkyAngel TV ~ Steve – Tired of the vast television wasteland?  Having trouble finding decent programs to view with your family? Enter SkyAngel. SkyAngel is an IP-TV based subscription television service.  The content is not delivered via satellite or cable–it is Internet streaming video.  The vision behind SkyAngel is wholesome family-oriented programming. For more information, read the Dove Foundation review.

-Steve keeps busy with five children and a job in information security. He also has a second job as principal of the Hodgepodge homeschool.

We welcome ideas on good technology use habits.  How does your family promote God-honoring technology use habits?

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  1. Thanks for the links! They’ve been very helpful. I’m wondering if you’ve ever come across anything that addresses the need for filtering content and/or keeping a log of content accessed specifically for mobile devices (iPod touch, iPad, etc.)? We’ve given our oldest son an iPod touch, and we trust that he isn’t going looking for dangerous content, but often just mis-typing a web address can land one in the middle of it. I’ve browsed around looking for some kind of filter that would work on the iPod Touch, but so far I haven’t found anything that looks like it does the job thoroughly. I’d love to know if you’ve come across anything that would work.

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