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Feb 022012

Okay, is it me or does anyone else get hungry when you go on Pinterest. 🙂

My food board is probably my favorite board, but I also discovered this trick a few years ago and was thrilled to find it on Pinterest to share with others. If you are still frying bacon…girl, this will revolutionize your life.

Cook bacon in the oven. Cover cookie sheet with tinfoil first. cook  375 for about 20 min.

Now another favorite board is my “For the Home”  board.

Screen Door Pantry.  Adore!

I love this pantry door. I could never have it in my house, because my pantry does not look like this. Mine looks like eight children ramble through it daily.

I love this stove. I need this stove.

Finally, because I love quotes I will end my post with a favorite…

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  1. you need to add a pinterest button to your site!

  2. What a coincidence… I, too, need that stove! =)
    I love the bacon idea, too!

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