Oct 022012

10 Signs Your Child is Spoiled and What You Can Do About It

Protecting Your Son From Aggressive Girls

Aggressive Girls Clueless Boys

Not What I was Expecting

25 Things a Dad Should Teach a Boy

Book Blog 3: Are you a Wily Coyote? | Girls Gone Wise: Spiritual Smarts for Woma…

Boy Crazy Girl | Girls Gone Wise: Spiritual Smarts for Womanhood, Life & Love

The Consequences of Contraception | Christianity Today

The Slavery of Student Loan Debt | Denny Burk

Skit Guys – God’s Chisel Remastered – YouTube

True Woman | Practical Ways To Pray For Your Kiddos

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

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  1. Love this list. Thank you so much for putting it together. Our son (our oldest) turns 13 tomorrow. We’ve had many conversations, but I found seeds for many more conversations to have during the course of this year. Thank you!


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