Spring Forward When You Fall Back

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Nov 032012

I am excited about turning back the clocks tonight…and not because I get an extra hour of sleep. I am going to go about my business as usual. Going to bed at my normal time, and on Monday morning, I’ll be able to get up an hour earlier without feeling like it’s an hour earlier. What the gift of an extra hour will bring! A longer quiet time, time to do a few little chores, a shower 🙂

I started the school year off getting up and at it and slowly slid until I had lost about an hour. Being 7 months pregnant might have something to do with that. I have missed having that extra time in the morning before the day slams into me. I used the time change last year to get back in the groove and it was wonderful.

So how about you? Could you use an extra hour in the morning? What would you do with it?

PS ~ the kids will also be up earlier, so they might get to stay up a little later Saturday and Sunday to balance that out 😉

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  1. Same plan for me! As the daylight wanes in the AM, my motivation to get up in the AM does as well, so I’m ready to have a respite for a few weeks until it again is back to “in winter I get up at night and dress by yellow candlelight. In summer quite the opposite, I have to go to bed by day”

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