Jan 152013

It’s so easy to compare ourselves with others.  I think we do it daily, in many different ways, without even thinking about it!

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about comparing myself to others is my looks.  It’s almost impossible not to see pictures of celebrities on a daily basis… whether one wants to or not.  “I should eat salad for every meal so I have a figure like (fill in the celebrity you think is most beautiful).”  I firmly believe in being the best YOU you can be, but comparing ourselves with a “Photoshopped” image of someone who gets paid to be beautiful is never a good idea.  (For fun, I sometimes Google “celebrities without makeup.”  Now THAT comparison will make you feel a lot better about yourself!)

Another area in which I tend to compare myself is my home.  Whether it comes to the way it’s decorated or the level of cleanliness, I can always find someone who does it more perfectly than me.  Maybe she has more money and can afford a cleaning lady or high end decor.  Maybe she’s just better at doing it herself.  Whatever the case, there is usually one person I know whose house I wish mine looked like.  Magazines, HGTV, and even Pinterest can encourage this kind of thinking.  Notice this example:

Exhibit A:  My breakfast table, the day I bought it at a yard sale, dressed it up, and took it’s picture:

This is the picture I would use if I posted my table on Pinterest.

Exhibit B (real life):   My table after breakfast this morning:


Doesn’t look so good, does it?  When I compare myself to others, what I’m really doing is comparing their best (and often photo-staged) material to my worst… a dangerous practice which can breed jealousy, discontentment, and unhappiness.  When I was younger, this used to discourage me.

Then I learned a secret… you see, I really do enjoy looking at beautiful things.. homes, gardens, clothes, you name it!  I learned not to compare myself or my possessions, but to strive for excellence while remaining content with what I have.

  • Old thought:  “Joanne has such a nice living room.  —Sigh— Mine will never look that good.”
  • New thought:  “I love Joanne’s living room… what a great idea to paint the inside of her built-ins a different color… let me discuss that with Hubby and possibly put that on our future projects list.”
  • Old thought:  “Those clothes look so much better on that model than they’d ever look on me.  I’m just an out-of-shape mess!”
  • New thought:  “I love my new Pilates DVD… it’s helping me be as fit as I can be.  I may never look like a model, but I’ll be healthy and feel better.”

I still need work on this issue in several areas, but I’m constantly reminding myself to strive to be the best me, for God’s glory–not a “Photoshopped” imitation intended to impress others.

What areas do you still compare yourself, giving yourself the disadvantage?  In what areas do you give yourself a break, striving for the best you, not perfection?

~written by Kim, The Daisy Muse

  4 Responses to “How to Replace Old Thoughts with New Thoughts”

  1. If we would all do this we would have so much more peace and joy in our lives. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What an important and encouraging reminder!! I love all your examples Kim. Thank you.

  3. It’s something I have to remind myself daily! =)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing those thoughts. I know I have struggles in having positive thoughts about myself. These thoughts are NOT from God. Satan wants to discourage us. This is a great motivation for me. 🙂

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