Little Moments

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Feb 072013

We all have them. . .little, insignificant moments that make up our days.  They follow one after the other, and they are easy to forget if we don’t find a way to hold onto them.  I have learned that photos are one way to keep our memories forever.  I discovered as a young adult that my parents were right all along. . .you can buy that sweatshirt when you’re at the Grand Canyon if you’d like, but the photos of the memories you’ve made are what you’re actually going to keep for a lifetime and beyond.

Many of us are good at snapping those pictures when we’re on a family vacation or at a ball game, but how many of us remember to capture the small memories that are growing in our homes every day?  Yes, we’ll want the memories of that big vacation we saved for forever, it seemed; but someday, our children will also want to remember what the kitchen looked like, what toys they played with the most, and what they baked with Mommy.

Now, I don’t expect you to become paparazzi for your family {although, I have been accused of that at times :)}, but what a treasure we can leave behind for our children by taking time to document our every day lives.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

 Don’t feel like you need to get every picture perfectly posed with everyone saying “cheese” at the same time.  Capture your children doing what they do best, playing!!  Of course, you will get some silly faces, too; but, seriously, silly faces can be just as cute as a smile!

 Photograph your children at the places you like to go. . .your favorite park. . .

 Don’t forget the details!  You’ll want to remember those chubby hands someday.

 Take your camera along on a simple walk, you might just find some of your favorites come from that. . .

Boys and dirt. . .it might be a mess to clean up now, but some day you’ll miss those dirty little toes. . .

 What are their favorite activities?

 Take a moment to photograph it from all different angles. . . even if you really should be making lunch.

 You’ll be glad you did, later.

 Pajama days are worthy of memories, too! Try photographing them at their level. . .yes, you may actually need to lay on the floor with them to do this 🙂

 Try photographing them from above. . .

 Photograph them from below their eye level, and you’ll find a whole different perspective.

 Most of all, enjoy it!!  You don’t want picture-taking to become a drudgery; so know when to stop and actually spend some time playing with them. . .not every single second of every single memory needs to be in a photo album.

  ~ Written by Amy @ JerAmy

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  4 Responses to “Little Moments”

  1. Amy. I could just look at these photos over and over again. I love your tips for new angles to capture those simple, every day memories and moments with our children. Inspiring and precious! Thank you for the reminder to savor each little thing. It’s a gift!

  2. I love it, Amy! Although my teenagers won’t let me post those photos I took of them in pajamas with no makeup…. =)

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