May 012013

I’m not even sure I have the words to describe what a treasure family photos are to me. They are definitely one of my most important possessions.  My parents have never had a fancy camera, but they have always been faithful take a photographic journal of our lives.  I remember the excitement I would feel when we would pick up our envelopes of newly developed film and look through them.  I remember even more excitement filling the air when Mom would get all the photos labeled and put in a photo album.  I’m pretty sure I would spend hours pouring over those photos and reliving all the fun memories they captured.

Today, I capture photos of my own family in a couple different ways. I, of course, have my favorite DSLR, but I also have my iPhone for those moments that I don’t have my big girl camera with me.  I have managed to wrack up over 1,000 photos on my phone in just the first few months I’ve owned it!  Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Having a simple way to share digital photos with friends and family is so amazing (seriously, it takes only a few seconds to send a photo in a text or email), but what do you do with your photos after you take them?  Do they just sit in your phone ? Do you even think about printing them off? Yes, it is convenient to have your photos so compact and out of the way, but what about your kids and grandkids?  Will they have the fun experience of seeing printed photos, or will they only associate pictures with images on a screen?  There is just something about holding a tangible picture in my hand that takes my breath away.

This is where Groovebook comes in.  I discovered them a couple months ago, and I am so glad I did!  It is so simple to use, and you will have a little  printed book of 100 photos in your hand in no time!

You start by downloading their app to your mobile device, and follow their simple instructions to start uploading photos!  You sign up for a monthly subscription, where you get the book for free, and pay only $2.99 for shipping!  Seriously, it’s true!

I will tell you that these are not professional quality prints by any means, but phone photos aren’t usually professional quality, anyway!  I do love the fact that they print the date and time and sometimes the place that your photos were taken beside the photo.  No more hours of trying to figure out dates and write them on the back of your photos. . .  Also, if you decide you want to pass a few photos out, the pages are perforated for easy removal.

 To make this all even better, I have a coupon to share with you!  Use the coupon code below, and you will receive your first book for free. . .no shipping cost even!

Hop on over here to try it out, and let me know if you love it, too!

P.S.  I was not asked or paid by Groovebook to write this post; I just wanted to share a product that’s been helpful to me!

P. S. S.  I just asked my four year old if he likes having pictures in a book rather than on Mommy’s phone or computer, he replied, “Yes, that’s better.”  There you have it, you really should try it 🙂

Your book would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

  ~ Written by Amy @ JerAmy 

  3 Responses to “The Habit of Tangible Photos with Groovebook”

  1. What a great idea! I have so many photos stored digitally, and was recently asked by my 20-year old why we don’t have photos in albums anymore. Even “Gen Y-ers” want to see their photos in books! I like to make digital albums on some of my favorite online photo sites, but since choosing each page style, arranging the pictures, and labeling takes time, I can’t do it for all our photos. This is perfect, thank you for sharing, Amy!

  2. Sweet! I’m going to do this right now! Thanks, Aim 🙂

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