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Jun 272013

Waiting…and waiting…and waiting.  I feel like that is what our life has been over the last year or so now.  After our church closed, we waited for a job for my Jeremy. God provided. We waited for housing near that job. God provided. And then He provided again when we had to move out of the first place because of health reasons.  We are still waiting on God to show us the next step for our life.  We loved being in ministry, and my husband and I still both desire to be in a full-time ministry but God seems to want us to continue to wait on that.

I have asked myself lately, what in the world can I learn from this time? God obviously has us here in this place at this time to be able to bring glory to Himself. What do I need to be doing to bring glory to Him? And the answers have come…some quicker than others…some still on the horizon, I am sure.  I was working on a post for my own blog a couple weeks ago, and came across this post.  I was brought to tears at the reminder of what my gracious God so tenderly taught me that day.  How quickly I forget.

God put us in this place. This sweet, vintage rental house we are living in isn’t standing alone out in a forest. We are surrounded by neighbors.  Some neighbors claim to be agnostic, some claim to be Christians. One little girl  asked me to continue to read to her our favorite children’s book The Jesus Storybook Bible. She asked me about creation…and why Jesus had to die.  How sweet it has been to get to tell her of Jesus, our Jesus, the One Who loves us and is mighty to save.

And so, not all my questions are answered, we are still waiting. But my purpose in the waiting has changed…I can glorify Him while I wait!

~ written by Amy

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  1. Thanks, Amy! I needed this, as we are waiting, too. “God obviously has us here in this place at this time to be able to bring glory to Himself.” I love that! =)

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