Jul 112013

Stick to It! Getting Back to the Charlotte Mason Method

Stick to IT! The IT being what you know GOD had directed you to do! Why? Because GOD’s plans are always the BEST plans!

I have been inspired by the Charlotte Mason (CM) method since I started home schooling (seven years ago) but I haven’t followed this method 100%. Of course I will never be what some call a CM Purist. My goal (again) this coming year (2013/14) is to fully get back to the CM method as much as it fits my family. I found CM when I first started researching home schooling and I knew it was the right way to go for our family. This year, sadly, I once again got lazy about some of the steps to the CM method, towards the middle of the year I slacked off on some of the wonderful extras and at times I fell into a more traditional method for the core subjects.

I want to go back (again..oh, LORD, help me be consistent) and start over completely using the CM way! I do know that if you want to use a certain method and be successful at it; it is best to actually understand it. It is also best to do all that is required (as much as it fits your family).  So, I am going back again and studying the CM Home School Method. Here are a couple of treasures at the Ambleside Online site that I am using: “The Charlotte Mason Series in Modern English Arranged Topically”, and Summaries of the Charlotte Mason Series and her 20 Principles.

Links for subjects and a few other great resources for understanding the Charlotte Mason Method:

I truly want to encourage you to Stick to IT! Remember the IT being what you know GOD had directed you to do! Why? Because GOD’s plans are always the BEST plans! So simply stick to what you know to be the best for your family! In this area of our lives; I truly believe GOD is directing my steps!

I believe HE directed me to the Charlotte Mason method; now it is up to me to obediently and consistently use what HE has put in front of me! Though, I have no doubt HE makes it all possible!

~Written by Angie

  2 Responses to “Stick to IT! Getting Back to the Charlotte Mason Method”

  1. I like the CM method – living books – not a lot of rote memory. My children prefer it – but we really follow a wholehearted approach, which i think was the heart of CM… Thanks for your open remarks. Homeschooling, regarding of the way we do it, requires a lot of work…..on everyone’s part.

  2. Rebecca, Thanks for commenting! Pondering what you said; I would have to say we are more Wholehearted than (a pure) CM home school family. Though, as you said at the core (or heart) of CM it is a true wholehearted approach. I pray you are truly blessed as you continue on your HS journey!!

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