Kerri always longed for a life of adventure with the man of her dreams. What she never dreamed was that it would be with seven kids in tow.

Spring Forward When You Fall Back

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Nov 032012

I am excited about turning back the clocks tonight…and not because I get an extra hour of sleep. I am going to go about my business as usual. Going to bed at my normal time, and on Monday morning, I’ll be able to get up an hour earlier without feeling like it’s an hour earlier. What the gift of an extra hour will bring! A longer quiet time, time to do a few little chores, a shower 🙂

I started the school year off getting up and at it and slowly slid until I had lost about an hour. Being 7 months pregnant might have something to do with that. I have missed having that extra time in the morning before the day slams into me. I used the time change last year to get back in the groove and it was wonderful.

So how about you? Could you use an extra hour in the morning? What would you do with it?

PS ~ the kids will also be up earlier, so they might get to stay up a little later Saturday and Sunday to balance that out 😉

Cold Days, Warm Soup

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Oct 202011

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get a cup of this soup!

We’ve just begun to get some real fall weather here in the south and that always stirs up longings for soups, chowders, stews & chili. This soup recipe is a family favorite from the Pampered Chef “Kids in the Kitchen” cookbook that’s no longer in print. We always double it and these days, there isn’t a bit left over. It’s great for using leftover chicken or rotisserie chicken when it’s on sale. I also add a fresh pressed clove of garlic to the step with the onion.

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Pinterest Makeover

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Sep 012011

Pinterest is the ultimate visual bookmarking tool and I have had lots of fun using it for organizing all kinds of ideas and inspirations. While I have loved! the recipes on Pinterest ,  I would have a hard time narrowing them down to a few, so I decided to spotlight recent finds I pinned for what we have dubbed the Learning Lab (aka the schoolroom). You don’t have to be a homeschooler to appreciate these tips. They would be great for kids rooms, play rooms and more.

Our Learning Lab is on the lower level

(loving all the alliteration 🙂 ) and I would

be thrilled to reach it via these

storybook stairs.

Goodbye carpet, hello classics!

Incidentally, this was my very first pin.

Love it!

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Makeover for Mom

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Apr 072011

When we think of makeover, our mind usually goes to things pertaining to clothes, hair, makeup and so on.  Or maybe we think of Ty and those crazy folks at Extreme Home Makeover 🙂

I’d like to suggest a different kind of makeover for mom. I was in dire need of this kind of makeover after having  Baby J in January. After all those lovely meals prepared by friends and family were done, and I was left to plan the meals again, I drew a total blank! All I could think of were the same (boring) meals I’d been rotating over and over while I was pregnant, many of which I had also doubled up on to freeze, so we were in need of some change!

I had read about e-Mealz on a blog or two, and was intrigued, but it was when my friend Kim started using it and liked it that I finally decided to give it a try. If it worked for a mom of eight, then surely it would work for this mom of seven 🙂


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