Scripture Memory and my iPhone

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Mar 052013

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.  But his delight is in the law of the LORD and on his law he meditates day and night.  He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.  Whatever he does prospers.

Psalm 1:1-3

Over the last couple years, my gracious God has been working in my heart about being more intentional with Scripture memory.  Oh, I’ve gone through spurts where I would come up with a system and regularly be memorizing, but then I have always fizzled out.  Last year, I heard about this book and devoured it as soon as I could get my hands on it.  It was so convicting, and at the same time so uplifting and challenging.  Who wouldn’t want to have large portions of God’s Words to us packed into our minds and hearts?!  The challenge, though, for a busy mom of two littles is WHEN to have time to sit down and memorize.  I tried writing verses on chalkbaords and scattering them throughout the house, and that worked for a while; but then came along those days when I would run out of time, or not be feeling well; and the chalkboards didn’t get updated…

…I hate to admit it…for weeks at a time.

 And then, I received this for Christmas.  I know, my Jeremy spoils me 🙂  The other day, I was once again gently reminded by my Jeremy of the fact that I REALLY need to get back into my Scripture memory again.  As I thought about how I could incorporate that into my days, I thought, why not use my phone?

I did some searching for Bible memory app, but none of them had exactly what I was looking for.  And then, I remembered that my phone already has an app to record voice memos!

I was so excited to find out how easy it was to record myself reading a passage of Scripture and then play it back over. . .and over. . .and over. . .and over again.

 I haven’t been doing this very long, but the benefits I am reaping are already great!  I memorize well when I hear something over and over again; so this is perfect for me.  AND, I normally play it back using the speakerphone; so not only am I hearing it over and over and over again, but so are my boys!!  My oldest is picking it up quickly!  So, why not pick up your smart phone and use it for something other than Facebook and Instagram?

Now, you may be saying “But, I don’t have a smartphone!”  The whole point of this, really, is to find a system that works for you and memorize!  I can assure you that it will reap benefits beyond what you can imagine!

  ~ Written by Amy @ JerAmy

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett: Your Passport to Learning Adventures!

Feb 122013

10 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage at Habits for a Happy Home I love being married.  But let’s face it… there is always something that tries to put a damper on the romance so carefully kindled during courtship and the newlywed period.  Whether it’s dirty diapers, screaming toddlers, financial troubles, a leaking septic tank… I could list 100 things, but the fact is, God designed romance in marriage and it’s in our best interest to keep the fire kindling, no matter how low the flame has dwindled.

At first, I couldn’t think of ten items to list.  Then I began chatting with my husband about it, and between us, we came up with about twelve!  Since several involved food, I edited some out.  These Top Tens are from the wife’s perspective, though I’d love to see what was on the husband’s list!

1.  Admire something about him.  Make sure it’s genuine… there’s nothing so unflattering as an insincere compliment.  Does he have muscular arms?  Artistic talent?  Business sense?  Even if it’s something such as bringing home a paycheck, every man loves to be praised for his accomplishments.  They thrive on it!  Make it specific—“You’re so good with people… of course they gave you a promotion!  You deserve it!”, “Because you are so good at fixing things, we saved money by not having to take the car to the shop!”, “ I love the paint job in the dining room!  How did you get the lines so straight?”  See if he doesn’t beam at your admiration.

2.  Flirt.  Whether or not you flirted before you were married, do it now.  It’s fun, and adds a bit of spice to a marriage.  How you flirt is up to you!  Just have fun with it and enjoy the man God gave you.

3.  Snuggle up to him in public.  In our church service, I see the younger married couples do this.  So I scoot over closer to my man. Why should there be space between us just because we’re in our forties?

4.  Fix yourself up.  Put on that perfume he bought you long ago that you stashed in a drawer for a “special occasion.”  Brush your hair.  Put on decent clothes.  When he comes home, don’t let him see you in torn sweatpants, sighing as you clean a toilet.  He’s worked hard all day, too, and deserves a pleasant wife, not a martyr.

5.  Fix his favorite foods.  Buy the snacks he likes, and keep them at eye level in the pantry.  Listen to his culinary likes and dislikes, and cater to them cheerfully.  He’ll notice!

6.  Pull a surprise once in awhile.  One morning, as soon as he got into the shower, I got into the car and drove to Chick-fil-a, bought my husband’s favorite chicken biscuit and orange juice, and brought it home.  It was at his desk when he came downstairs to work.  The delight on his face was worth the trouble I took to do it!

7.  Write him notes… in his lunch, emails, private facebook messages… even a special “love” card mailed to his work, scented with perfume.  Mention little private jokes known only to the two of you.  He’ll feel special and know that you’re thinking of him throughout the day (and you’ll probably get a note or two from him!).

8.  Be interested in what he’s interested in.  Oh, this is hard for me.  But I try.  I ask questions about software programs and graphic design terms, and know a surface amount of information about them, enough to understand what he’s trying to tell me when he wants to talk about work.  The sci-fi movies are another story.  I just do my best, knowing that I can enjoy the action and costuming without really understanding the plot (or why anyone would want to watch it!  Shhhh!)  We can’t always enjoy things at the same level, but I can appreciate that HE enjoys it.

9.  Say thank you.  For his bringing home a paycheck, helping you with dishes, washing your car.  A little thanks goes a long way, especially when it’s for something typically done out of duty.

10.  Be mysterious.   Don’t always talk about yourself.  Let him find some things out for himself.  Get a hobby, or read up on a new subject, and spend some time developing yourself in that area.  Make time to be that interesting woman he first fell in love with.

As Valentine’s Day approaches and the subject of love is on our minds, what are some things you would add to this list?

~Written by Kim, The Daisy Muse
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Hearts and Trees: Art, Handicrafts and Nature Study for your Homeschool

Hello – Introducing Amy

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Dec 062012

Today we introduce our newest author, Amy! Amy and husband Jeremy have been married 7 years and have 2 small boys. She enjoys chronicling the simple adventures of their little family through photos, and is also an expert at making a beautiful home out of yard sale/flea market furniture! You can visit Amy at her blog, JerAmy ~ Kim A.

Well, hello there!  I am so very happy to be joining Habits for a Happy Home!  I look forward to our adventures together.

Since my husband and I did not meet and marry until our late twenties, being a wife and mom is a gift I do not take for granted.  I thank our God daily for His graciousness in giving me this beautiful life that I live.  Life definitely comes with its challenges and changes {which we have seen quite a bit of over the last year;} but I am so thankful that we have a Heavenly Father who delights to give us good things, even in the middle of  changing circumstances.  My little family is definitely one of those good gifts.

Here we are!












  ~ Written by Amy @ JerAmy

10 Habits for The Family Table

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Oct 092012

The habit of family gathered for a meal is one that spills over and blesses in so many other areas of family life. Today, I share several helpful posts from our authors.

The incredible gift of the ordinary! Glory comes streaming from the table of daily life. ~ Macrina Wiederkehr

10 Habits for the Family Table:

1. Celebrate Every Day (You are Special Plate – pictured above) “Why not find something to celebrate every day? A lost tooth, an extra measure of kindness, diligence in school work or finding the long-lost library book.”

2. The Habit of the Table – “eating together as a family is a very important part of being a family. Maybe we should look at it as an honor to gather around the table. God himself is preparing a table at which we will gather one day. If it is important for His family should it not be important to mine.”

3. What’s for Dinner: Presentation “Don’t I just have one of the kids set the table, put the food out and ring the dinner bell?  Well there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and it’s what happens at our house on the majority of days. However, God spoke to my heart some time ago about all the events and parties I would do for extended family, friends and church and asked me if I shouldn’t do the same for my own family on a regular basis…”

4. Mad, Sad, Glad – a dinner conversation starter game. “The game also gets everyone talking, allowing us parents to help the children to work through some emotions we each face daily. Reflect on the day. We might even remember something we’d already dismissed in our minds.”


5. Fun Food for Football Watching – great, fall favorites!

6. Manners Monday – “We’ll start with the basics of table manners and go from there, keeping our special dinner night  as a perfect opportunity to practice what we’ve learned. Then we’ll add in other social graces.”

7. A basket centerpiece for the table – “a basket with a bible, devotion book, history book  and poetry. I am not talking about having a long lesson or bible study but just taking 5-10 minutes to read something that will help, inspire, bless, encourage and maybe even correct or rebuke us. With this basket right in my face at the table it just makes it harder to forget the habit that I am trying to establish for our family.”

8. Help for Picky Eaters – “If you have a child like this, hang in there. But here are a few things that seemed to work the best…”

9. A Grand Lunch time Adventure – “During our lunch break, we gather around the table and go on exciting adventures.”

10. Dance with the Dishes – make clearing the table easy and fun!

And as a bonus here are some recipes for your family table: Our Habits for a Happy Home Recipe Box

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~ by Tricia, Hodgepodge

Everyday Love

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Sep 182012

Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;  5 does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; 6 does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; 7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.   1 Corinthians 13:4-7

1 Corinthians 13 is sometimes referred to as the “Love Chapter” of the Bible.  It is used in weddings, we read it on St. Valentines Day, and when we celebrate anniversaries.  Have you ever thought to study this chapter in your everyday life and not just at those special days?

My pastor recently preached a sermon on this very topic and it challenged me to look deeper at God’s definition of love and how I translate it to my everyday relationships.

I first asked myself, “Who have you told you love lately?”  My husband, my boys, my family, my friends?  The answer, “Yes, sometimes, but am I showing them love the way God shows me?”  Sometimes our words aren’t enough and we have show our love in actions as God shows us.

When studying 1 Corinthians 13 and our relationships, our first instinct is to look at the “what love is” part.  What God tells us to do seems pretty simple.  Love is…

  • patient
  • kind
  • rejoicing in the truth
  • bearing all
  • believing
  • hoping
  • enduring

Most of us strive to be all of these things in our relationships and can easily measure how we demonstrate these traits of love.  These are the obvious ways to show love.  If we want to show love in the way that God teaches us to love, we must look at the whole picture.

What about the “does not”  and “is not” parts of this chapter, what we are told not to do?  These are the things we sometimes fail to evaluate in our lives.  These are the things that are more difficult for us to identify and improve.


  • does not envy
  • does not parade itself
  • is not puffed up (proud)
  • does not behave rudely
  • does not seek its own (selfish)
  • is not provoked (easily angered)
  • thinks no evil
  • does not rejoice in iniquity (does not keep a record)

Take a look at the relationships in your life and decide if any of these are present. If so, work on these areas and your relationships will improve. My prayer is to have a marriage without a record of wrongdoings, a relationship with my children that does not anger easily, and a friendship without jealousy.

The thing about love is…”If you have it, you don’t need anything else.  If you don’t have it, nothing else matters.”  -unknown

Today I challenge you to look at the relationships in your life and see if you are showing love the way God intends or are you just going through the motions?

~ by Heidi of Heidi’s Miscellany