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Here at Habits for a Happy Home we love Pinterest! It’s a tool that we use for building habits. Collecting ideas for making happy homes.
Building Happy Homes with Pinterest - Our Favorite Boards
For example, Kendra created a bedroom sanctuary with inspiration from Pinterest. You can read all about how she did it in her post, Surviving Life with Boys: Creating a Sanctuary.

Most of the authors here also shared our favorite Pinterest finds a couple of summers ago. So many great recipes and ideas!

So, today, we are highlighting our Pintastic Pinterest boards. We hope our collection of boards will inspire you in building happy homes…

1. Developing Habits – because we all know that happy habits don’t develop overnight.

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2. Heavenly Habits – the most important of all!

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3. Our Recipe Box – feeding the family doesn’t have to be hard! A board full of recipes!

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4. Household Habits – for the nitty gritty of getting it done and blessing our family.

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5. Habits series – our authors have shared several series on many topics for building a happy home.

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Today I’m also sharing my favorite Pinterest boards for Hodgepodge and The Curriculum Choice!

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Freezer Meals for Your Slow Cooker

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Feb 252014

Slow Cooker Freezer Meals www.habitsforahappyhome.comThis time last year I made it my goal to cook dinner for my family more often. You can read about it here. I was living up to my promise to my family until my son was hospitalized and our lives got busy with doctors’ appointments and tests. I knew I needed to get back to providing home cooked dinners, so I decided finally to try some of the freezer meals I see posted online.

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Banana Cranberry Salad Recipe

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Dec 102013

December seems to be the month of get-togethers.  Whether it is a large crowd or a small gathering, I always seem to be busy making food for friends and family.  This particular dish is one of my favorites to make (and eat) for Christmas gatherings.  It is quick and easy and you can make it ahead of time!  It comes from a cookbook that my mom made for me several years ago; it is filled with recipes that have been passed down in my family.

 Banana Cranberry Salad

This recipe comes from my great-grandmother and has been our alternative to plain ‘ole cranberry sauce for many years.  Continue reading »

Oct 292013

The Big Cook, breakfast style!  I love breakfast.  My kids love breakfast.  My husband wants to eat breakfast (that is not a cereal bar).  That’s why I do freezer breakfast cooking.

How to Make a Months of Breakfasts for Your Freezer www.habitsforahappyhome.comIf you read the last post in this series, you know that you have to start with a menu.  Breakfast is sometimes hard because you think cereal, muffins, eggs.  I got started on the breakfast freezer cooking with muffins.  Most recipes freeze extremely well (especially banana and zucchini), and you can make muffins as healthy or decadent as you’d like just by experimenting with your recipe.  I bake them, cool them, and freeze them in packs of 4-6 depending on your family.  Don’t forget to label them!  All muffins look alike after a month in the freezer, trust me…

Eggs are a whole new animal in the freezer.  Personally, I don’t like the texture of raw eggs after being frozen, but cooked eggs are great with us.  (We learned this after eating a couple of quiches made with frozen scrambled raw eggs-cooked after thawing, of course).  I make breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheese.  Just scramble those eggs, cook the sausage in the microwave, mix them together and add the shredded cheese.  Mix it up really well, and put a big spoonful in whatever size tortilla you like.  I like to freeze them on a cookie sheet for about an hour and then bag them up.  That way, they don’t stick together!

breakfast burritos Another recipe I came across one day is egg muffins.  Now, I was skeptical, but they are GREAT!  I spray my muffin stone (Best. Purchase. Ever.), put a spoonful of hashbrown potatoes (freezer or refrigerator or you could do it yourself), scramble a bunch of eggs and add whatever meat you like, and pour the egg mixture over the potatoes.  Sprinkle a little cheese, bake at 350 until not jiggly (a cooking term, I’m sure).  Let them cool, bag ‘em, label ‘em, and freeze ‘em.

I’ve added breakfast sandwiches to my menu lately.  It’s basically a breakfast burrito on a thin bagel, English muffin, or biscuit.  We’ll see how these go over!  The recipe I used told me to wrap them individually in paper towels and then bag them in a freezer bag.  I thought that was pretty smart-you wrap them in a paper towel to heat them anyway!

Month of muffinsIf you want to go bigger, those breakfast casseroles freeze awesomely.  If you are a quiche lover, put all your ingredients together in a freezer bag without the eggs, and freeze the ingredients.  You can add the eggs later.  (I always use frozen pie crusts-deep dish.)

I love Pinterest for freezer cooking, mainly for breakfast.  There are a ton of ideas for breakfast freezer foods.  I have both a breakfast and BIG COOK board-come follow those because I am always adding to them!  I continue to be on the search for the perfectly freezing, yummy breakfast cookie…I’ll keep you posted.

Be sure to check out the first in this series: How to Get a Month of Meals in Your Freezer

Paige Paige is a mom of two high schoolers and an elementary teacher of many for 21 years. Always frugal and practical she takes the common sense route.  But most of all she loves the Lord, thankful beyond measure for His grace and mercy, and His ability to turn a career girl into a woman that knows her home is the most important place to be.

10 Favorite Fall Recipes

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Oct 012013

October means a change in menu. Football, fall, leaves, family gatherings and cooler weather mean these type recipes from our archives…

10 Favorite Fall Recipes at

Fun Food for Football Watching by Kim A. – hearty red chili, spinach melts…

Barbecue Cups, also by Kim – are simple, quick and delicious!

Fallish Fun- Caramel Apples Recipe at Habits for a Happy Home Fallish Fun: Caramel Apples by Kendra  – these are absolutely beautiful!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies also by Kendra

Italian Stuffed Shells – a Hodgepodge favorite!


I normally use a traditional trifle dish, but this one was going to an office function where there was limited refrigerator space.

I normally use a traditional trifle dish, but this one was going to an office function where there was limited refrigerator space.

Brownie Trifle by Kerri – always something to look forward to!

Cold Days, Warm Soup – Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup also by Kerri – perfect comfort food

Lunchtime Variety by Heidi – yep, our lunch times often get in a rut and these are some great ideas!

Yam Casserole by Littlesanctuary – perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Sunday dinner

And topped off with the Brownies They’ll Never Forget by Kim A. “I recommend you don’t wait until 9:00 at night and make these with your husband when the kids are in bed.  Make them right now, while the kids are still up, so they can share all the fat and calories with you.  Enjoy, and be praised for the rest of the day by your adoring husband and children.”



What are YOUR favorites?

~written by Tricia, Hodgepodge