Sketch Tuesday

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Feb 282012

Sketching ‘Something in a Laundry Room’ above

Once a week, Barb-Harmony Art Mom posts a topic for Sketch Tuesday. When I started following her blog, I was inspired by reading the topics and scrolling through the weekly slideshows of homeschool student sketches. It was simple, fun and inviting!

Then we joined in. And the habit started building. And the children started asking. What’s the topic for this week?

A recent Sketch Tuesday topic, Something with a Bar Code.

And I started to see the many benefits of this habit. Thinking of something unique to sketch. Concentrating. Adding more detail. This habit of practicing each week was building something.

Sketching is complimentary to another habit we’ve built thanks again to our Sketch Tuesday hostess: The Outdoor Hour Challenges at Handbook of Nature Study.

Maybe you and your children would like to join in and make Sketch Tuesday a habit as well?

The Power of Paint with Water

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Jan 242012

I have kept paint with water books on hand since my eldest was in the high chair. It’s a simple project to pull out.

For the littlest ones up to adults. (I still love to sit and paint a picture.) Often, painting helps beat the mid-morning fussiness or the afternoon grouchiness.

It’s just water. Place a paper towel underneath your picture for easy clean up. Empty pimento jars, baby food jars or bathroom paper cups work well for holding the water for dipping.

But the best part is – it is easy to say yes.

Educational experts might agree that using a paint brush is good practice in small motor skills.

I say paint with water is simply powerfully fun.

Do you have paint with water books at your house so you can say yes too?

Summer Camp at Home Update

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May 312011

Morning devotions, praise and worship songs, crafts, nature, art, snacks, sleeping bags, s’mores and more! Sound like summer camp to you? With a little bit of planning, you can host your very own summer family camp. Frugal and fun! It’s time to share our annual habit of Summer Camp at Home.

In the past we followed themed days but this year I think we need a little of everything each day. Also, this year, Mama is going to join in the fun: nature journaling, iPod time, photography skills and more.

So, after some thought and some suggestions from the children, this is what our days will look like: Continue reading »

Dec 282010

“Ok, I have to tell you, I am NOT an art teacher… not even close.  The most my kids ever do with art is maybe a hands on history lesson with coloring pages and some minor drawing.  I have now ventured into teaching them art WITH NANA! We completed lesson one in pastels this morning, and it was fabulous!  She is inspiring a love of art in a family that knows nothing of it!  Thank you so much for sharing your precious mother with us all.” ~ Lori Lange, homeschool mom of 5 @ Abnormal Herd


Back in February, on an unexpected snow day here in the south, Nana taught my children their first pastel lesson.

Many of my friends know of our art habit. My mother, Nana, is a Master Artist. A couple of times a month, she teaches my five children an art lesson. Usually these lessons compliment our nature studies. Other times Nana guides us in a surprise, like her Mug of Hot Chocolate.

Maybe you don’t have a Nana to come and teach your children art lessons? Well, we are sharing Nana with you. For almost a year now, we have been posting her lessons in photo tutorial form.

This time, on the Monday after Christmas, we followed a Sketch Tuesday theme for our art time. Winter fun!

You and your children can make a winter fun scene with a snowman too. All you need to do is follow the simple photo tutorial below. Continue reading »