Back to basics: simple suppers

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Jan 122010

Mary Engelbreit's Silly Mother Goose

So you’ve started back with the basics. Slow and easy. Or maybe not. Maybe, like me, you are feeling a bit like Humpty Dumpty, picking up the pieces? Hopefully, you caught a bit of back to school joy.

However your days are going, you still have mouths to feed. Basic meal time. We all have to eat! After a full day of school and chasing toddlers, the last thing I want to look at is a long list of ingredients to cook!

Give me easy and make it fast. Or cook it slow. When the rest of the day is a continual challenge I keep mealtime simple. Here are the strategies I use to make suppers easy, inexpensive and delicious. Continue reading »

Back to basics

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Jan 052010

I desperately tried to make the last week of December slow down. It didn’t work.  The clock struck twelve, the ball dropped and the calendar was flipped to 2010.

Now here we are. Back to school. Why is it we don’t look at January back to school time with the same anticipation and enthusiasm as post summer?

Well, it is possible. We can be enthusiastic. I encourage you to catch that joy because children reflect our attitudes and habits.

How? When it is back to school get back to basics. Pick one or two subjects. Don’t try to do it all and you can avoid burn out. Ease into your regular schedule.

For the first two school days, I plan on Bible study and introducing the new books for our history unit. We will write thank you notes for handwriting.

Whoa. Let’s take a step back. Even before school subjects, there are basics. Basics like getting to bed at a decent hour. Rise and shine early again.

I chuckled when I found many of those basic habits in some familiar poems. This afternoon, we were reading Mother Goose nursery rhymes to the youngest before nap. They made me smile. Continue reading »