Back to basics: big-shop cooking

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Jan 262010

I must be honest. I’m not a true once-a-month cook. I tried. I strived (or strove). But it wasn’t easy. So instead of once-a-month cooking, I break cooking down into easy pieces and parts. We’ve talked about fixing simple suppers and doubling recipes. The other sock-it-away strategy I use is when-you-do-the-big-shop-cooking.

Big-shop cooking came about because I avoid the grocery store. I try my best not to go there unless absolutely necessary. We do our grocery shopping around pay days, so twice a month. Sure we need to run to get milk every now and then. However, since I’ve been following Kerri’s two-week menu planning example and posting my meal plans, those trips are fewer. It’s intentional. Money-saving too.

Hey! I can talk myself into two steps.

When the score comes in from the grocery store, this mama cooks. Right then. Just like Kim, I put the slow cooker to work browning ground beef, ground turkey and/or chicken. The big-shop cooking amounts to two steps: (1) stirring then (2) bagging. Continue reading »

Back to basics: vacation planning

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Jan 192010

The habit of doubling a recipe

I often have pep talks with myself while I’m in the kitchen. Something like this:

“Well, now look, silly. You already have all the ingredients out. You’ve already dirtied the mixing bowls making this casserole.”

Or this:  “Why would you put those unused portions away for another time? Use them up now – while they are already out! Sock away some food in the freezer for a busy night.

Realization: Frozen dinner – homemade by me – equals a weeknight vacation!

Here are a few examples of winning pep talk recipes. When these come around in the meal plan rotation, I make double or triple: Continue reading »