Makeover for Mom

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Apr 072011

When we think of makeover, our mind usually goes to things pertaining to clothes, hair, makeup and so on.  Or maybe we think of Ty and those crazy folks at Extreme Home Makeover 🙂

I’d like to suggest a different kind of makeover for mom. I was in dire need of this kind of makeover after having  Baby J in January. After all those lovely meals prepared by friends and family were done, and I was left to plan the meals again, I drew a total blank! All I could think of were the same (boring) meals I’d been rotating over and over while I was pregnant, many of which I had also doubled up on to freeze, so we were in need of some change!

I had read about e-Mealz on a blog or two, and was intrigued, but it was when my friend Kim started using it and liked it that I finally decided to give it a try. If it worked for a mom of eight, then surely it would work for this mom of seven 🙂


Turns out that it was just what I needed to get over the hump! Continue reading »