Habit Formation

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Jan 202010

This relation of habit to human life––as the rails on which it runs to a locomotive––is perhaps the most suggestive and helpful to the educator; for just as it is on the whole easier for the locomotive to pursue its way on the rails than to take a disastrous run off them, so it is easier for the child to follow lines of habit carefully laid down than to run off these lines at his peril.–Charlotte Mason

I think Habit formation should be a very important part of child training. I truly believe that God created us to be creatures of habit because having a good habit just makes things so much easier for us. Once something is a habit, you don’t even have to think about it, you just do “it”. Isn’t that a gift because if we had to think about every single action we took, we would be beyond worn out. The only thing that hurts us as creatures of habit is when WE allow ourselves to form bad habits. As parents we should help our children form good HABITS such as; attention, obedience, cleanliness, perfect execution, remembering. These habits will benefit them in every area of their life, every day of their life.

I want to leave you with words on habit formation that I think you will find inspiring and interesting.

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