May 122011

Our Sunday School class is doing a study called “Peace Maker”. It’s mainly about conflict resolution and taking the Biblical approach to solving relational issues in the home, church, and workplace. It is really great! A lot of good Truth!
A couple of weeks ago the speaker (via video) was talking about one of his conflict resolution techniques in his counseling sessions. He had the two people he was counseling go home and read Philippians 4:8. Then he instructed them to make a list of good, honorable, excellent things about the other person. He then had them share their list with each other during their next session.
He said it was like what Proverbs says about “heaping burning coals”. Thinking well about the other person made a breakthrough in their argument. It helped them remember the reasons that made them go in to business together in the first place.

So it got me thinking tangibly. I thought this was a great idea especially for husbands and wives! Then, I had another idea: to make a board where I can list good qualities about my husband or anyone I might be in conflict with, throughout the week. This helps consciously and continually think well about the other person or persons in my life.
I also thought it would be good to list “good qualities” about a difficulty situation you are going through too.
Here’s how I made mine:
Start with a cheap picture frame with a glass or plastic front. I got this one from Goodwill for a couple dollars.

Then cut some scrapbook paper to size. I got a little creative with mine : ) Continue reading »

Mar 152011

For this Easter season, several of our family favorites…

Amon’s Adventure: A Family Story for Easter

I marked the date on the calendar. Back on that January day we received the much anticipated Amon’s Adventure. I marked the spring date we were to start reading the book. Amon’s Adventure is a family storybook for Easter written by the author of the Jotham’s Journey advent trilogy. By starting early we won’t read nightly as with the other books. Starting this early gives us time to savor and not feel badly if we miss a night’s reading. For more info and to preview a few pages, see Arnold Ytreeide’s website HERE.


Box of Repentances: from last year, an excerpt…

What a lovely idea! An Easter-Lent family activity: Repentances Box. At the start of this week, we pushed aside the breakfast dishes and decorated.

No, we didn’t have a lovely wooden box to use. A Nutrigrain Bar box would do. We found our handy roll of paper we used for making our own wrapping paper. Middle Girl brought her stamping bucket.

I helped wrap, printed a label. And stepped back to watch.

Nothing fancy. But it holds all the ‘I’m sorry’s. The ‘will you please forgive me?’s and the ‘Lord, I confess’. Each one scrawled on a scrap piece of paper. A simple cardboard box made pretty. To hold the weight of our sins from now until Easter. Continue reading »