Recipe Round Up on Pinterest

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Aug 302011

Pinterest Deliciosity! I am a practical gal and like simple recipes. As Kendra shared in her post yesterday, a really great way to keep track of recipes is by pinning your favorites or ones you’d like to try on Pinterest. I’ve listed some recent favorite recipes below. But, you can view even more recipes on my Pinterest Deliciosity board. Here are two recipes I’ve pinned that we’ve tried just in the last week.

Oh my! Guacamole Hummus. Two fine ingredients in harmonious flavor.

There are so many fun food ideas to make with the children. Like Phyllis’ Edible Sand made with Golden Oreos and served up in a sand bucket. Click here.

Those, plus these, would definitely make for a happy home: Continue reading »

Fast Food for Slow Sundays

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Mar 162010

We all want peaceful Sundays, right? So, you’ve gotten into the habit of being ready a little at a time throughout the week. You’ve planned for the unexpected. Let’s say now that you’ve gotten your family to and from church. Everybody is all loaded back in the car, on the way home. “I’m huuun–greee! What’s for lunch?” You have choices. Let me offer a solution. One that has become habit.

We used to go out for lunch on Sunday. Fast food after church. Or even a nice restaurant. Before Dave Ramsey. Before we toted two epipens. Now, we still have fast food. We just cook it slow.

A littleĀ pre-planning it all it takes. Continue reading »