Aug 062012

A Day in the Life of a Charlotte Mason Inspired Home School.

(Family time – an important part of our lives together)

I have been using or should I say inspired by the Charlotte Mason (CM) method since I started home schooling. But lately I haven’t been following it as much as I had planned. My goal this coming school year is to fully get back to the CM method. I found it when I first starting researching home school and I knew it was the right way to go for our family. Over the last two years, I unfortunately got lazy and started leaving out the beautiful extras that the CM method has. Or I started falling into a more traditional method for the core subjects. So my plan for this year is to go back and follow the CM method just as much as I possibly can.

So as I came up with the plan for this upcoming school year, I kept this goal in mind! Right now I have to say that this post is more of a “hope to be” a day in the life of a Charlotte Mason inspired home school. This is the goal but it has never in all my years of home schooling been daily reality! This is a new year and a new season of life and I am hoping (in the LORD) for this to be reality for most of our days! I know one thing I have to do to make this a reality, I must work on Habit Training for my kids and especially for myself. I always say I am a work in progress and I acknowledge the LORD has a lot more work to do in me and through me. So I know for this to become reality (at least most days), even with habit training, and hard work in all areas of our life, it will still only be by HIS grace!!

*Here is the daily SCHEDULE I created to help me have days like I describe below.*

See my All about Charlotte Mason post HERE*

(Creation *Nature* Study  and Nature Journals are a BIG part of the Charlotte Mason Method)

  • Wake-Up (Me: 6am (Bible, Computer Time , and hopefully  a little exercise). The boys: 7:30am)
  • God & Me Time (This is where the boys have their own time with GOD)
  • Breakfast *8:00am (Read from one-two of our table books * Poetry, Church History, AIG resources, VOM magazine, etc* )
  • Morning Duties (morning chores, taking vitamin, get dressed, etc…)
  • Practice Piano

  • Bible* 9/9:30am (This is our time to get in the word together), keeping with the idea of short lessons, and using narration as a key component to the lessons as CM suggested.
  • Exercise or once a week a Creation walk

(Walk outside, observing and enjoying GOD’s amazing Creation)


  • The Extra’s*1:45 Outside Time, Artist/Picture Study, Music/Composer Study, Hymn Study, Folksongs, Hands-On-Art, Handicraft/Life Skills, Piano Lesson, P.E. games, Park-day, Creation Study & Creation Walk, Driving Range, Golf game, board/card games, blogging, e-mailing friends/family, Educational websites, t.v., dvd’s, games, etc.
  • Free Play*3:30pm
  • Dinner *6/6:30pm (Read from one-two of our table books * Poetry, Church History, AIG resources, VOM magazine, etc* )
  • Evening Time: Outside play, a walk, game night, movie time, literature read-a-loud, and free time

(Golf with daddy)

What is your inspired method of homeschooling or parenting?

 ~ written by Angie @ The One Thing

Aug 022012

Throughout the month of August, our authors will be sharing ‘A Day in the Life’ – each from their unique perspective. Our posts will join with others in iHomeschool Network’s Not Back-to-School Blog Hop.

I’m hoping this post will eliminate some of the “wow, you really have it all together” comments that I occasionally hear.

Here is a typical Monday at our house:

6:00 – Husband wakes up and gets ready for work.
6:20 – I stumble out of bed and get his breakfast ready (nothing spectacular, usually a couple pieces of toast or some grits in the microwave) and then see him off to work.
6:30 – I start the coffee and unload the dishwasher and then sit in my favorite chair for some quiet time.
7:00 – 5 year old creeps down the stairs and starts asking questions. I tell him to work on some puzzles while I try to finish my quiet time.
7:30 – I hear the 9 and 11 year olds thumping around upstairs, half playing and half doing chores.
8:00 – 5 year old and 9 year old start making breakfast (usually Pop Tarts, cereal, waffles, or toast). I get the little guy (almost 2) out of bed, change diaper, then into his chair for breakfast, then I head to the shower while the guys eat.
8:15-8:30 – 11 year old is finally finished with chores and ready for breakfast.
8:45 – I’m out of the shower and dressed. I make my bed, start the laundry. The guys are either arguing, rowdying, or cleaning up something that was spilled while they were rowdying). I send them off to brush their teeth while I make more coffee and start the bread in the bread machine. Almost 2 year old is somewhere getting into something.
9:00-10:00 – 9 and 11 year olds start the school subjects they can do on their own – Handwriting, Reading, English and Math. I tell them to sit down and be quiet probably about 42 times in that first hour. 5 year old and almost 2 year old are chasing each other around the house, squealing and making car noises. I work on the laundry, check email, etc… Then the ready-to-check schoolwork starts to pile up on my desk.

“Guys please sit still long enough for me to take one picture!”

10:00-11:30 – 5 year old starts some school. We do some letter sounds, beginning reading and writing. We work in some of his workbooks and read some books and play some games. 2 year old is crying because he wants my attention. He’s up and down from my lap about 25 times in 10 minutes. 9 and 11 year olds are still working, schoolwork is still piling up on my desk. Bread dough is overflowing the bread machine because it beeped an hour ago.


11:30 Everybody is asking about lunch. I say, “as soon as I finish checking all this work.” Then I start checking the work. Almost 2 year old is somewhere getting into something.

“Who made this mess?”

12:00 or so – I give up on checking work and we have lunch. I send everyone outside with their sandwiches because the table is stacked with books and really, I need some peace and quiet. They chase each other around the yard and catch a toad or two. I enjoy the quiet and finish checking everything.

“Mom, this one is missing a foot!”

1:00 – I call everyone back in. Little one goes down for his nap. 5 year old has some quiet time on the couch. Big guys start correcting the work I checked. They get started with History and Science (getting out books and notebooks, writing words). I do some more laundry and clean up lunch.
1:30-3:00 – We listen to our History lesson while the guys read along in the book. They write definitions, answer questions, etc.. Then we start Science. I planned to do some fun activity, but by this point I’m too tired for anything fun and we just read the lesson and answer questions. I check the rest of the day’s work and send the guys back outside or to their rooms for quiet time depending on the weather.
3:00 – More coffee. Check some e-mail, Facebook, browse through a bunch of yummy stuff on Pinterest & plan next week’s menu.
4:00 – The guys start asking about playing Wii. Ok, anything for a little more peace and quiet. I finish up the laundry, work some more on the menu. Little guy wakes up from his nap.
5:00 – Chores time for the guys. I start dinner. Little guy is tugging on my pants asking for milk. I’m counting the minutes ’til Daddy gets home. I’m asked at least 6 times, “what is for dinner?” Which is always interesting to me because I only have 4 kids. I might just start answering, “something from Pinterest,” because that is almost always true.
5:30 – Garage door opener announces that Daddy is home. Cheers all around. Everybody thunders down the stairs. Let the rough-housing begin. I think the house might come apart at the seams, but I remind myself that these guys need that time with their daddy and try to hold the bear cub image in my mind.
6:00 – Dinner. 9 year old scarfs it down. 11 year old studies it and asks questions about it, but eats it anyway. 5 year old picks at it. Almost 2 year old throws it on the floor.
6:30 – 11 year old cleans the kitchen. 9 and 5 year olds brush teeth and get ready for bed. Mom and Dad referee. Almost 2 year old is somewhere getting into something.
7:00 – Everybody heads downstairs for a movie.
8:00 – Bedtime. Sweet, precious bedtime. Dad tucks in the big guys while I tuck in the littles. Somebody needs to go to the bathroom one more time. One more is thirsty. Then Dad goes for a run while I sit on the porch and watch.
9:00 – 11:00 – We enjoy the quiet, watch some TV, and get ready to start all over again tomorrow.

~ By Kendra, Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tales