The Power of Paint with Water

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Jan 242012

I have kept paint with water books on hand since my eldest was in the high chair. It’s a simple project to pull out.

For the littlest ones up to adults. (I still love to sit and paint a picture.) Often, painting helps beat the mid-morning fussiness or the afternoon grouchiness.

It’s just water. Place a paper towel underneath your picture for easy clean up. Empty pimento jars, baby food jars or bathroom paper cups work well for holding the water for dipping.

But the best part is – it is easy to say yes.

Educational experts might agree that using a paint brush is good practice in small motor skills.

I say paint with water is simply powerfully fun.

Do you have paint with water books at your house so you can say yes too?

Fun, Frugal, Easy Gift Ideas Plus Tips

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Nov 302010
Live out your God-created identity. Live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives toward you. Matthew 5:48 The Message
Last year I ran a Fun Friday Christmas series on Hodgepodge. Since then I’ve been updating my Fun, Easy Gift ideas post as I’ve come across those ideas. I thought I’d share them with you today.
There are many ways to keep costs down and have fun in the process. Consider this Part Two of One a Day: Slow the Season Down

dish bucket organizers – give gifts in these practical tubs or do as we did. We gave the boys a stack last Christmas for their room Continue reading »