My Pinterest finds

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Feb 022012

Okay, is it me or does anyone else get hungry when you go on Pinterest. 🙂

My food board is probably my favorite board, but I also discovered this trick a few years ago and was thrilled to find it on Pinterest to share with others. If you are still frying bacon…girl, this will revolutionize your life.

Cook bacon in the oven. Cover cookie sheet with tinfoil first. cook  375 for about 20 min.

Now another favorite board is my “For the Home”  board.

Screen Door Pantry.  Adore!

I love this pantry door. I could never have it in my house, because my pantry does not look like this. Mine looks like eight children ramble through it daily.

I love this stove. I need this stove.

Finally, because I love quotes I will end my post with a favorite…

Pinterest Party

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Feb 012012

I feel like Pinterest is a party. See, I can breeze by all this visual inspiration and plan. I can scan through my Google Reader and pin ideas from posts. But Pinterest is a party because Pinterest is fun! Here’s how I use this virtual bulletin board.

1. Party Planning. Pinterest sure makes it easy to get ready for a party. And I love simple, few ingredient recipes.
With the Super Bowl coming up Pinterest offers appetizers galore! Spinach and artichoke bites from Household Ways, above.

These chocolate peanut butter Ritz? We just substitute the peanut butter for SunButter and make sure we use some allergy-friendly chocolate.

2. Freedom in allergy-friendliness. If you have allergies to deal with, Pinterest is a wealth of information. I’ve found I can substitute one ingredient and have a new and safe treat that is allergy friendly. I’ve created a whole board for such inspiration!

Cake decorating party, above.

3. For holidays and birthdays, of course!  all sorts of inspiration at your fingertips. So creative! Continue reading »

Aug 312011

So do you have a Pinterest account yet? Oh my…. it is indeed an addiction! It is great though! My creativity gets flowing and I do actually try some of the ideas and recipes!

Here are some of my favorites!

I don't know if I should say this is one of my favorites or if its my husband's?!

These are delicious! I made the chicken before hand in the crock pot with a Chipotle marinade. Then followed the recipe. They are very filling and made a good bit… I love left overs!

These were super easy! I keep chopped pepper in my freezer. If you cook the sausage before hand, they are nothing to assemle in the morning! I really like the whole muffin tin thing! You can have breakfast cooking while you do the hundreds of other things that demand attention in the morning!

Okay this one I have not tried yet. But how stinkin’ adorable is this! I can not wait for fall! This pumpkin cake is a must for this season!

Happy (almost) Fall! and Happy “Pinteresting”!

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Fun Finds

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Aug 292011

For this last week of August, we will be sharing some of our favorite recipes and Pinterest finds. This morning I’m sharing both… recipes I found on Pinterest!

Apparently I am a visual person, especially when it comes to food. I can browse through a cookbook and read recipes all day, but if there isn’t an appetite-inspiring photo attached, I’m probably never going to make any of them. I love, LOVE, browsing through yummy stuff on Pinterest. In the weeks since my good friend and fellow Habits writer, Kerri, introduced me to the addiction that is the P word, I’ve attempted several new recipes each week and added many of them to our regular rotation.

Last night we tried two Pinterest finds. Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese and Baked Zucchini Sticks.

Don’t those look yummy? Our kids had regular grilled cheese without the jalapenos, but my oldest was brave enough to try some cream cheese on his. And the zucchini sticks recipe is supposed to be paired with an onion dip, but to save time and make them more kid-friendly, I just served them with marinara sauce. When my husband saw me slicing up those zucchini, he said, “the kids are never going to eat that.” But they did! Even my picky 4 year old liked them, and the older boys went back for seconds! They are a bit time consuming, so I would definitely pair them with something easy. Like grilled cheese.