One a Day: Slow the Season Down

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Nov 162010

Planning and Goal Setting Part 2

“We should make plans – counting on God to direct us.” Proverbs 16:9

What this season of thanksgiving…What if we thought about one person per day. One family member, one friend or one co-worker. All those on our ‘need to get a gift for’ list. Start now, before Thanksgiving, and think about one loved one per day between now and Christmas.

What if...instead of fretting over what that person might like. What you need to buy for them…

What spent a whole day praying for that loved one as you thought about what type gift they would like best?

I don’t know about you but when I start to think of everything that should be done, all that needs to be bought, fixed, wrapped, shipped, mailed, stamped, baked, bundled, put together, mixed up…I tend to get a little overwhelmed.

One loved one a day between now and Christmas.

Last year, after I read this post, I decided I would give a jar of thankfulness to my grandmother. Continue reading »

Thanksgiving Tips I’m Thankful For

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Oct 192010

Imagine going to bed Thanksgiving Eve and sleeping in Thanksgiving morning. I always thought you had to get up at 5 a.m. on Thanksgiving to wrestle with a raw bird. That is until I found two recipes from Southern Plate. And boy am I thankful!

I followed Christy’s instructions for making dressing in the crock pot. Not only is it delicious, it frees up oven space. Plus, I took her advice and put the turkey in the oven to cook overnight. Both were such a success they have forever changed the Thanksgiving menu: Continue reading »

Brownie Trifle

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Sep 302010

Seems like every Christmas season I pick a go-to dessert and make it for every gathering I need to bring something to.   Going to the family get together- brownie trifle, having people over – brownie trifle, church Christmas party – brownie trifle.  It really simplifies things for me in that it requires little brain power from me at this point.

It’s easy to make and there are many variations, but here is my favorite:

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