Redeeming the time

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I am venturing into new territory because I am about to share something personal and I don’t know how it will be received.  My prayer is that you will find something useful here, because I am stepping out of my comfort zone 😉

As wives, mothers, women in general, we are usually multi-tasking, or as I like to call it ~ redeeming the time.  If I am forced to sit still in say a doctor’s waiting room, a car line or in, dum dum dum…the bathroom, I am looking for ways to redeem that time.  There are lots of things to do…clean out purse, make lists, etc, but today I want to focus on the bathroom, because many of those things are difficult to do there 🙂  I do enjoy just having some peace and quiet…I enjoy it very much because it is a rare commodity.  However,  for some reason, I do not like being shut in a small windowless room with nothing to do.  It drives me crazy!

A peek

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Habit of family journaling

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DSCN5628Often I longed to…

write down that cute something a child said…

trace around a pudgy little hand…

mark a special triumph or…

give thanks for a provision dropped in our laps.

I also knew I should confess that ugliness. Ask forgiveness for being so wrapped up and not noticing. And daily I need His word to hang on to.

Yet I struggled to find  an easy way to do this.  That spiral notebook I kept on my nightstand only had a few, lone entries. So often I’d rather give in to my weariness and simply crawl into bed.

Quite unexpectedly, the Lord answered in a delightfully easy way. One June morning, I read about a family journaling practice. I knew it was the answer I had been seeking. What I hear the children say confirms it.

“The Psalms are wonderful.”

“Look, Mama, I drew a picture about what we did in drama club today!”

“Oh, that’s the verse I’m going to pick.”

“Can I read tonight?”

Family journaling is now our after-supper habit. Opening the Bible together has opened our hearts. Caused us to count blessings. Given us the opportunity to confess our oh-so-human failings. Continue reading »