Apr 282011

Have you ever known a woman like that? It’s going to be done her way or no way at all.
In this world, this selfish world we live in, we all want what we want when we want it and want things done in the way we want them done. Our children are born selfish and pitch temper tantrums when they don’t get what they want. It’s part of our sinful human nature.


With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the commercial world starts pumping out ideas on how to honor mothers. Cards. Flowers. Jewelry. Perfume. Chocolate. Meals at restaurants. Breakfast in bed. The list goes on and on. If your family doesn’t know what you want or have a clue what to get you, the world will make sure and tell them what it thinks you should have. Continue reading »

Rose for Mother’s Day

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Apr 262011

from the archives, in honor of mothers…

“When I was a kid, if a mother came to church without a corsage from her children, the whole family went on everybody’s prayer list.” – ‘Our Sunday Best’ by Valerie Fraser Luesse, April 2010 Southern Living

I remember Mother’s Day Sundays growing up. Our tradition was a bit different. We children would wear a rose in honor of our mother. My brother and I would find a pretty, deep-pink rose bud on the backyard bush. Mama would pin it on with a straight pin. Or maybe a safety pin if we were so lucky to find one that morning.

Off we’d go to church, wearing a rose in honor of Mama. Inevitably, there was always an uncomfortable poke from the straight pin during the sermon. Continue reading »