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Oct 212011
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Have you ever wished for a note taking application that would work with all of your digital devices?  That would automatically synchronize your notes between computers, smartphones, tablets, and laptops?

What if that same application could also be used to make notes from web page clippings, audio notes, photos and videos?

Meet Evernote.

I have used many note taking applications on & off through the years.  None has been as easy to manage as Evernote.  I can make a new note on the Windows or Mac  computer, edit it on the iPad, and view it on my iPhone.

Evernote functions as a digital file cabinet.  You can create multiple “notebooks” into which you can create notes.  The notes can be text, photos, audio files, and many other file types.

Here’s how it works: Continue reading »

Thank you notes the fun way

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Aug 242010

The Habit of Writing, Part One

Time to write thank you notes! (Shhh – My children think they are getting out of handwriting for the school day). That’s because it’s fun! When we compose thank you notes we are:

  • pulling out scrapbook or construction paper to make note cards
  • using stickers, paint, markers, crayons
  • drawing, sketching
  • being creative

Though they aren’t opening their handwriting books this day, writing thank you notes gives them their very best handwriting practice. Plus spelling and grammar. They also must be creative in thinking of how they are grateful or what they are grateful for. If notes are composed shortly after a field trip, my students are also practicing comprehension.
But most of all, writing thank you notes is polishing basic, good manners.

A few thank you note tips:

  • Keep it brief. In the mail, we received a thank you from a cousin. “Thank you for the money. Now I’m rich!” – Short and sweet. And it sure made us laugh!
  • Sample notes. I recently read about a great idea on this same topic. One family keeps a file folder full of examples of good thank you notes. If a child is “stuck” simply pull out the folder, thumb through the offerings and the task is no longer overwhelming. Continue reading »