Apr 232012

When my four-year old came walking into the room carrying my camera, my first instinct was to get onto him for playing with it and take it away.  However, I was in a good mood that day and decided to let him take some pictures.  He had so much fun running through the house taking pictures of everything and I mean everything!  Let’s just say I am thankful for digital cameras!  When I was little and got ahold of my Mom’s camera, it cost her a fortune in Polaroid film.  Continue reading »

Summer Camp at Home Update

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May 312011

Morning devotions, praise and worship songs, crafts, nature, art, snacks, sleeping bags, s’mores and more! Sound like summer camp to you? With a little bit of planning, you can host your very own summer family camp. Frugal and fun! It’s time to share our annual habit of Summer Camp at Home.

In the past we followed themed days but this year I think we need a little of everything each day. Also, this year, Mama is going to join in the fun: nature journaling, iPod time, photography skills and more.

So, after some thought and some suggestions from the children, this is what our days will look like: Continue reading »