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Here at Habits for a Happy Home we love Pinterest! It’s a tool that we use for building habits. Collecting ideas for making happy homes.
Building Happy Homes with Pinterest - Our Favorite Boards
For example, Kendra created a bedroom sanctuary with inspiration from Pinterest. You can read all about how she did it in her post, Surviving Life with Boys: Creating a Sanctuary.

Most of the authors here also shared our favorite Pinterest finds a couple of summers ago. So many great recipes and ideas!

So, today, we are highlighting our Pintastic Pinterest boards. We hope our collection of boards will inspire you in building happy homes…

1. Developing Habits – because we all know that happy habits don’t develop overnight.

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2. Heavenly Habits – the most important of all!

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3. Our Recipe Box – feeding the family doesn’t have to be hard! A board full of recipes!

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4. Household Habits – for the nitty gritty of getting it done and blessing our family.

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5. Habits series – our authors have shared several series on many topics for building a happy home.

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Today I’m also sharing my favorite Pinterest boards for Hodgepodge and The Curriculum Choice!

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Jul 052012

All of the things I have shared have definitely helped to tone down the chaos in our home. But the reality is that it is not possible for my house to be as quiet and clean as I would like. Even if I spent every minute of the day cleaning, people live here. Precious boys and their pets live here. And you can see the evidence of it everywhere you look! But for my own sanity, I needed one space that was clean. One space that I could go to escape the clutter and the noise and the toys and the pets.

A couple months ago I mentioned that I was working on a master bedroom makeover with several ideas I found on Pinterest. I decided to do it as a surprise for my husband. He works from home in our bedroom twice a week and I knew the chaos and clutter were getting to him too. I tried to keep everything a secret over several months. I worked on the projects during the times he was out of town and I put it all together one day while he was at work. I went as all out as I could on our budget. Even bought a new (used) canopy bed on Craigslist.

Now it is complete, and like so many other parts of our family life, it has rules. No clutter allowed. No rowdying allowed. No toys allowed. Quiet, calm, still boys with no toys are absolutely welcome. In fact, our bedroom is the only room in our house with a VCR, so we occasionally have a family night with all of us snuggling under that canopy watching some of our old Veggie Tales & Thomas the Tank Engine videos.

Don’t have room in the budget for a makeover? No problem! Just instituting a few of these boundaries will go a long way toward creating a sanctuary in your home. And most of the Pinterest projects were fairly cheap. One of the cheapest & easiest things I did that really makes our bedroom my favorite place in the house was filling every surface in the room with pictures of us and places we’ve been. Old and new. Years of memories pulled out of a box and tucked in frames.

The last thing that really helps to make it a sanctuary is keeping it clean. I know that I can’t possibly keep the whole house as clean as I would like. But I can handle one room! The bed is made first thing every morning. I dust at least once a week (if only that room) and keep it vacuumed and clutter-free.

So summer is here and school is out. Now is the perfect time to create a sanctuary of your own!

Surviving Life with Boys Series:

~ By Kendra, Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tales

My Pinterest finds

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Feb 022012

Okay, is it me or does anyone else get hungry when you go on Pinterest. 🙂

My food board is probably my favorite board, but I also discovered this trick a few years ago and was thrilled to find it on Pinterest to share with others. If you are still frying bacon…girl, this will revolutionize your life.

Cook bacon in the oven. Cover cookie sheet with tinfoil first. cook  375 for about 20 min.

Now another favorite board is my “For the Home”  board.

Screen Door Pantry.  Adore!

I love this pantry door. I could never have it in my house, because my pantry does not look like this. Mine looks like eight children ramble through it daily.

I love this stove. I need this stove.

Finally, because I love quotes I will end my post with a favorite…

Pinterest Party

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Feb 012012

I feel like Pinterest is a party. See, I can breeze by all this visual inspiration and plan. I can scan through my Google Reader and pin ideas from posts. But Pinterest is a party because Pinterest is fun! Here’s how I use this virtual bulletin board.

1. Party Planning. Pinterest sure makes it easy to get ready for a party. And I love simple, few ingredient recipes.
With the Super Bowl coming up Pinterest offers appetizers galore! Spinach and artichoke bites from Household Ways, above.

These chocolate peanut butter Ritz? We just substitute the peanut butter for SunButter and make sure we use some allergy-friendly chocolate.

2. Freedom in allergy-friendliness. If you have allergies to deal with, Pinterest is a wealth of information. I’ve found I can substitute one ingredient and have a new and safe treat that is allergy friendly. I’ve created a whole board for such inspiration!

Cake decorating party, above.

3. For holidays and birthdays, of course!  all sorts of inspiration at your fingertips. So creative! Continue reading »

Jan 302012

It’s Pinterest week again. And here I am, sharing food finds. Again. I really wanted to do something different and share some fun crafty ideas. I have a vast collection of them in my boards, but I haven’t gotten around to trying many of them. See, those are all things to do someday. But feeding my family is something I have to do every day. Pinterest really is my favorite place to find cooking inspiration. I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

The last time we had a Pinterest week,  I shared a recipe I found for Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese. Well, it was so yummy and different, I started exploring other gourmet grilled cheese options. First we tried Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese. But, since I had leftover Buffalo chicken filling from another pinterest find, Buffalo Chicken Bites, I just used that in my sandwiches. YUM!

But my family’s favorite in the line of gourmet grilled cheese was the one with Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto. Oh. My. Goodness. I’ve made these twice now. The first time I splurged and bought nice fresh mozzarella to make them. The next time I just used a regular brick-o-mozzarella. Maybe I don’t have the most sophisticated palate, but I didn’t notice a difference. I used the Spinach Basil Pesto that I already had in the freezer. They are super quick and so, so good.

And speaking of pesto, here’s another great use for it, Pesto Baked Chicken. Doesn’t that look fantastic? I haven’t made this one yet, but it is on my menu this week.

And while we’re talking food, I’d like to share another new favorite site for mealtime inspiration. Another Pinterest find I pinned recently was Chicken Parmesan Bake. It turns out this recipe comes from the talented and funny Chef John of Food Wishes. The part I love most- all his recipes are presented in video form! It’s like Food Network without the commercials. I must warn you though, the videos are heavy on the sarcasm (think Alton Brown). And there is the occasional drinking reference thrown in. But don’t let that deter you. This really is a great resource for new and easy dinner possibilities. And the Chicken Parm Bake was fantastic. A huge hit with everyone in the family!