Flexible Homeschool Planner

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Jul 192012

When it comes to planning for the school year, I have tried just about everything. There are so many different options, I was bound to find one that works for my family. I have spent hours printing, writing lesson plans, printing, entering lesson plans on the computer, printing, researching products, did I mention printing? While each system, product and printable planner has great features and may be the best choice for another family, they did not work for my family.

After years of looking and trying out new products, last year I decided to pick up a school planner from the local office supply store and it has been a perfect fit for my family! Here is how it works for me…

The planner has a three year reference calendar in the front to help with long-term planning. It is dated from July to June, perfect for our school year which begins in late July and ends in June. Each month has tabs and a monthly calendar at the beginning. This is where I pencil in our events, field trips, sports practice, classes, lessons, etc.

After the monthly calendar is a two page per week calendar. It is dated and lined, but there are no times listed (you can purchase one with times). This is where I pencil in lesson plans, one month at a time. Each day is broken into 13 sections, I have a different child/subject on each one. I use a highlighter to separate each of the boys. If you click on the image to the right, you can view a larger image and see the details.

Notice I said “pencil in”…I am what most like to call a “free spirit”, so I like to be able to change things up a bit as we go. This planner is flexible enough for me and keeps me in line with our planning at the same time! And the best part…I get a planner for the entire year for about 20 bucks, even less if you have a coupon!

~By Heidi, Heidi’s Miscellany

Jul 062010

In repentance and rest you will be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength… Isaiah 30:15

As mothers we sometimes live in the urgent. This hungry child, that weepy one, another needing a  push on the swing…

However, it’s beneficial to step out of the urgent into the quiet, out of our regular spot and look to our source of strength. Jesus set the example. (Luke 4: 42-43)

Once a year I purposefully take the time to think on each of my five children. I set aside a special time to make goals for the next year. Homeschool goals, a life skills assessment but most importantly time in prayer for each child. How is she doing spiritually? How can we give him a bit more of challenge in this subject? What do I imagine this child like as an adult? And, yes, I did say we’d potty train over the summer.

I do my goal setting and planning on family vacation but save the work for home. I bring along my current favorite spiral notebook and pen. And I rise early and meet with the Lord over matters. Maybe on your own turf you steal away on the back porch or front step.

In the past I spent an hour just one morning. You’d be surprised the thoughts you can record in one quiet, early-morning hour. This year, I decided ahead of time I’d spread my planning over five days. That equals a planning session for one child each weekday. (We are in a stage of two early risers so I anticipated I’d only get 15-30 minutes each morning. Know ahead of time you may be interrupted. It’s ok. God places those appointments for a reason too.) I really anticipate this annual time on vacation. I’ve seen the results. Been surprised at what the Lord puts in my head. On your own turf: you might even be able to arrange for a morning away. Continue reading »

Jan 072010

The household notebook – also known by many other names – the home binder, control journal, family organizer, command central, etc.  It’s kind of the brain, if you will, containing all those things you need to keep track of in your home. All those things that, if you’re like me, you try to remember in your head, but can’t.

After my great desk clean-off of ’09, I decided I needed something more efficient to help me stay organized, so I set out to research and develop a household notebook.  There are numerous sites and blogs with tips.  I have pooled some of what I like here and included a few links.

Here’s what I have to offer: Continue reading »