Science Fun!

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Mar 302011

One of my favorite subjects when I was in school was science and it is still one of my favorites to do with my kids!  It is one of the first books I purchase when I am planning for the next school year and it is a subject I always make sure we get to on its scheduled day during the school year.

I am always looking for fun ideas and projects to do with my kids.  Here are some links to help you when planning your next science topic…

Do you have any other resources you would like to share?

Heidi, a contributing author here at Habits for a Happy Home, is a homeschooling mom to three boys, ages 7, 5 and 3. Find her sharing a mixture of couponing, cost savings strategies and more on her blog, Heidi’s Miscellany.

Fun Projects and Encouraging Links

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Mar 292011

If you know me, you know I adore the practical. So I am sharing just a few inspirational spots I’ve been fortunate to stumble upon:

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