The Family Wish List

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Jun 042013


So it’s June. And if you’re like me, you let out a big sigh, ready to settle into the summer and just relax for a bit. There are a million thoughts in the back of your mind – things you might like to do with the kids, places you’d like to go – but for now, just for a moment, you want to breathe deep and enjoy the fact that there is nothing on the calendar.

And the next thing you know it is August. School starts and you say, “where did the summer go?”

If that sounds like you, check out A List Worth Trying over at Family Matters. The idea is to make a family To Do/Wish List for the summer. Have everyone contribute their ideas and dreams for what they might like to do this summer. We did this over the weekend and it was so much fun. We set the expectation up front that we will certainly not do everything that is mentioned, but we will definitely do some of it. I was surprised that 90% of the things our kids came up with were free or cheap and easy to do at home. Catch fireflies… Have a backyard camp out… Play in the sprinklers… The list makes it so easy for my husband and I to sit down and look at the calendar and be deliberate about how we use our time. And we are excited about the possibility of surprising them with some of the things that they don’t think will happen, like an impromptu trip to the beach.

Happy Summer!

~written by Kendra

Jun 162011

Last summer, I had every intention to do fun things with my kids but inevitably failed. We did a couple “fun things”. This summer I have the same desire to have fun with my kids and enjoy this wonderful season.

Our schedule is not as much busy as it is sporadic. We are living with our family so there is not as much set “schedule” as we used to have (which is fun for now). So instead of setting myself up for failure by writing on the calendar ‘scheduled fun activities’ (Ha! I so desire to be type-A!), I came up with the idea for a “fun bucket”.
I googled “summer fun for preschoolers” and found sooo much! I flipped through the blogs and websites and wrote down ones that fit best for our family. One of my favorites is Disney Family.go!

When we have time or a free afternoon, I grab an idea and DO IT! I think older kids could get in to this one too! They could research the ideas themselves and maybe place the ideas in a large sand pail! Teens or “tweens” could make a ‘Summer Bucket List’ of all the fun things they want to do that summer. You could maybe have a reward or party for teens and tweens completing their list/emptying their bucket! Continue reading »

Jun 012011

I’ll come right out and say it. I just do not understand homeschoolers who do “year round school.” (Although I certainly respect their right to do it!) I NEED A BREAK!!! While mothers with children in school may be saying, “Oh no, three days until summer…the kids will be home all day!” I say, “Oh yes! Three days until summer… no more pencils, no more books, no more”… well, you get the idea.
My brain is frazzled from planning, teaching, keeping schedules together, driving this child to this activity and dropping another one off at another activity…

“Oops, what time did I need to pick you up?”; “Did I pay that bill?”; “It’s three o’clock and I haven’t given you your spelling test yet!”

We will be taking off more than 2 months and enjoying it! But we won’t just be stopping school for a while and replacing it with other activities. Yes, some of my daughters’ lessons will continue through the summer, one will attend camp, and two will continue to work as much as possible, doing housecleaning and babysitting. You won’t, however, find me taking on extra responsibilities or spending large amounts of time finding things to do outside the home. I have enough to do already!

Summer is a time to slow down, relax, and enjoy my family. I am home with my children all day, year-round …but I am also standing over them, telling this one which math problems to do and another one that if she doesn’t finish all her schoolwork and chores she will NOT be attending ballet class tonight, and checking and grading their papers and tests. Just for these couple of months, I will be spending more time “playing” with them. We will get out and enjoy the season!
So, what are my “Top Ten Favorite Things to do in the Summer?” I’m glad you asked: (And please remember, I have all girls! If you have boys, yours will be different. Please comment with your own Top Tens… I’d love to see them!) Continue reading »

Summer Camp at Home Update

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May 312011

Morning devotions, praise and worship songs, crafts, nature, art, snacks, sleeping bags, s’mores and more! Sound like summer camp to you? With a little bit of planning, you can host your very own summer family camp. Frugal and fun! It’s time to share our annual habit of Summer Camp at Home.

In the past we followed themed days but this year I think we need a little of everything each day. Also, this year, Mama is going to join in the fun: nature journaling, iPod time, photography skills and more.

So, after some thought and some suggestions from the children, this is what our days will look like: Continue reading »