A Worry-free Life

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Nov 122013

ID-100184055The Bible tells us that the Lord provides for the flowers of the fields and the birds of the air without a moment of worry from them and that we can feel confident He will provide for us, as well.

But how often do we worry still? How often do we fret about tomorrow and feel like there’s no answer to our problems? With the economic crisis our country is in and the trickledown effect it has on us and with the healthcare issues many of us are facing, the stripping away of many of our freedoms, it’s hard not to worry about tomorrow. It’s easy to be scared that we’re facing trials and persecution of epic propositions. Our season of thankfulness and celebration quickly becomes depressing if we focus on all the negative things in this world.

There is one person in my life that has always shown me that worry gets me nowhere. My father-in-law is a perfect example to me of the flowers of the fields and the birds of the air. I’ve been in the family twenty-five years (twenty-seven years if you count the dating years) and one thing I have witnessed with my father-in-law is he seems to be confident that God will provide for our family without fail. This is not to say that he hasn’t had trouble in life. He has had health problems and he’s suffered from the deaths of family members. But he is an example of a person who has built his house upon the rock.

I’m thankful for the example that my father-in-law has set for me and my husband, his sister, our children, and for my mother-in-law. The example that no matter what comes our way–whether it’s good or bad–when we trust that God knows what’s best for us and will provide exactly what we need to get through that situation, He will do it.

When trials come, my father-in-law is confident that God will take care of them. And the funny thing is: God does take care of them. And that builds more confidence in God.

NanaAndPapa 061The more confidence in God we have the more God shows off what He really can do. And when He does that, more people see Him working in our lives for the good. Even in trials.

Our lack of worry—our obvious confidence in God—is an example that other people see. The peacefulness on our faces even in the midst of trials. The absence of worry lines across our foreheads. When people can sit down with us and ask us how we’re so peaceful during such a traumatic or stressful time and we share with them that it’s only by the grace of God that we can get through each day, God has proven His existence in our lives.

The good days are always easy to get through. The bad days are not. But when we build our house upon the rock and we put our faith and trust in the Lord and when we choose to be obedient to him, we’ll have a joy about us that others will see from very far away. We’ll have something that is contagious. Something that other people want to catch.

Do you have someone in your life that is an example-setter? Someone who encourages you to keep your faith and trust in the Lord? I encourage you today to look for the person (or people) in your life who can inspire you to keep your hope, your faith, and your trust in the Lord. During this season of thankfulness, let those people know exactly what they’ve done for you! Let others see that they can live worry-free!


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~ by Author Sherri Wilson Johnson

10 Thanksgiving Habits

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Oct 302012

Do you have Thanksgiving traditions, habits you turn to? We do and we’re sharing them today. We hope you will find some here to be thankful for as well.

1. Kendra’s Thankfulness Tree is a memory-making treasure for every year.

2. Kendra’s Note to Self makes such great sense. Adopt this habit this Thanksgiving and save yourself so much time in years to come. “In five minutes, without any brain-strain whatsoever, I was able to review and update what we did last year from what we ate to the centerpieces on the table to which bowls/platters/pots & pans I used to prepare and serve each item.”

3. There is just enough time to download and print the Thanksgiving Thankful Countdown Jar! A little something to pull out of a jar for every day leading up to Thanksgiving!

4. Little Sanctuary’s Yam Casserole is a classic holiday recipe.

5. Thanksgiving Tips I’m Thankful For from rinsing potatoes in the dishwasher to making dressing in the slow cooker. Hooray for practical!

6. The Habit of Tradition by Sherri. “Traditions are there if you look for them.”

7. Thanksgiving Homeschool Celebration at Heart of the Matter. “Each year at this time we share what we call a unit celebration of our homeschool. Basically, we show off the best of our school work and projects while the side dishes are still warming in the oven.”

8. Eight Free Printables for Thanksgiving from place mats to color to dinner conversation starters.

9. Fun ideas for the Kids Table at Skip to My Lou. So many cute printables for coloring and decorating.

10. Worksheets and Printables for Fall and Thanksgiving at Mama’s Learning Corner. A wonderful list of match games, journal pages, writing/grateful printables. You will want to pin this for printing!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Habits for a Happy Home! (And we’ve got Christmas habits too!)

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Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

~ by Tricia at Hodgepodge

Thanksgiving Thankful Countdown Jar

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Oct 252011

We enjoyed this last year so much that it is officially an annual habit. You simply ready a mason jar (or even a plastic sandwich bag) then print out the downloadable pdf. Next, have a child cut all out the thankful ideas, rolling each into a little scroll. Place all 26 in your jar and draw out one a day.

Be thankful all of November!

Click over to Sugar Doodle for the free download.

One a Day: Slow the Season Down

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Nov 162010

Planning and Goal Setting Part 2

“We should make plans – counting on God to direct us.” Proverbs 16:9

What if...in this season of thanksgiving…What if we thought about one person per day. One family member, one friend or one co-worker. All those on our ‘need to get a gift for’ list. Start now, before Thanksgiving, and think about one loved one per day between now and Christmas.

What if...instead of fretting over what that person might like. What you need to buy for them…

What if...you spent a whole day praying for that loved one as you thought about what type gift they would like best?

I don’t know about you but when I start to think of everything that should be done, all that needs to be bought, fixed, wrapped, shipped, mailed, stamped, baked, bundled, put together, mixed up…I tend to get a little overwhelmed.

One loved one a day between now and Christmas.

Last year, after I read this post, I decided I would give a jar of thankfulness to my grandmother. Continue reading »

Holidays and Breaking the Rules

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Oct 262010

Oh I am such the rule follower. However, today I’m going to share about breaking the rules and doing things early. December is such a busy time, why not move a few of those ‘to-dos’ to November? I did all of the following early the last two years. What a blessing it was to really enjoy the process as well as be free in December.

Send cards early. We send Thanksgiving cards rather than Christmas cards. It really just gets greeting cards in the mail about a week early. We tell our friends and family how thankful we are for them! Cards are in the mail and you are on to cruising through the holidays. Continue reading »