Thanksgiving Tips I’m Thankful For

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Oct 192010

Imagine going to bed Thanksgiving Eve and sleeping in Thanksgiving morning. I always thought you had to get up at 5 a.m. on Thanksgiving to wrestle with a raw bird. That is until I found two recipes from Southern Plate. And boy am I thankful!

I followed Christy’s instructions for making dressing in the crock pot. Not only is it delicious, it frees up oven space. Plus, I took her advice and put the turkey in the oven to cook overnight. Both were such a success they have forever changed the Thanksgiving menu: Continue reading »

The Thankfulness Tree

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Oct 112010

The afternoon breezes are picking up, the temperatures are finally beginning to drop, and I can just see the beginnings of changing leaves out my kitchen window. This is my very favorite time of year. I look forward to hot apple cider and pumpkin pie and watching the boys wrestling in the leaf piles. But, every year it feels like I’ve hardly had time to enjoy the fall and then it is Christmas and then January and I’m wondering where all the time went all over again. So we’ve decided to make the most of the coming season and all the impending holiday fun by getting an early start. For the next couple of weeks we’ll be posting about everything holiday and festive and fallish.  Now is the time to rekindle old traditions and introduce some new ones – because the season will be gone before you know it. Continue reading »