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Jul 162012

Four Things to Talk About Before Marriage – The Big Four. Marriage counselors tell us that there are four main areas you need to be in harmony on before you get married. Those things are money, religion, kids and in-laws. To the extent that you’re not in agreement on these areas, your marriage will struggle. But to the extent that you are, you’re setting yourselves up for much smoother sailing.

3 Parenting Non-Negotiables -Do you want children and grandchildren who your friends enjoy having in their home, that you don’t mind taking places or even that you enjoy being around? Those kinds of kids are made not born! Our responsibility is to teach them some basics that will bring honor to you as parents but more importantly to God.

Best college rankings–  US News- southern region

EWG’s Skin Deep Hall of Shame – Children’s sunscreens that fail the test.

EWG’s research into this year’s crop of sunscreens revealed that many products advertised for babies and kids are formulated with safer, more effective ingredients than those in other products. Still — buyer beware! There are still many children’s products that don’t meet the mark. Here are a few shameful trends and products in the 2012 sunscreen crop…

10 Ways Fear Robs Me -I believe that people have power over me. Power to wound, expose, shame, injure, and expect something I’ll never be able to deliver. The thought of disappointing you all makes me want to run and hide. I am caught between the rock of their approval and the hard place of their rejection. I’ve sought refuge under the radar. My fear robs me daily. Here are 10 ways it does so.

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around the web…

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May 172012

I have been blogging around the web posts on my personal blog for a few years, and thought I might also share some of my finds here at Habits.

Five misdiagnosed symptoms | The Cripplegate

In the Emergency Room, decisions of life and death are regularly made with extreme pressure and very limited information. Symptoms present themselves and a trained, discerning mind diagnoses the real issue. Get it right and the treatment plan takes over. Get it wrong and not even the best treatment plan is able to fully help.

But what about diagnosing spiritual problems? Only God is omniscient and has a full, uninfluenced view of the human heart (1 Samuel 16:7). As believers, our discernment must be driven by the insights and fruit Scripture directs us toward as His Word exposes and corrects issues of the heart (Matthew 7:20; Hebrews 4:12-13). Many more could be added, but here are five symptoms that are commonly misdiagnosed by pastors: Continue reading »