Feb 282010

Have you ever said no to something just because you dreaded the thought of getting everyone ready and out the door?

I have 🙂

Tricia had  a  fantastic post about getting ready to get out the door.  What about after you’re out the door in the big wide world?  So many unexpected things can pop up.  Delays, injuries, illness, hunger, accidents, accidents and more.

A little preparation goes a long way in momma  maintaining some sanity while out and about.

I used to carry a bunch of stuff in the diaper bag.  Then we pared down the diaper bag when the youngest got older, so I started carrying a bigger purse.  That was cumbersome, so I decided to make a bag for the van that stayed in the van since we almost always are in the van if we are out.

Here’s what I try to keep in the bag:

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Feb 052010

…encourage one another and build each other up…

1 Thessalonians 5:11

It’s an everyday occurrence with big potential.  It can yield junk to be quickly discarded or requests for your hard-earned money (aka bills).  Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to receive a little piece of sunshine.

Endless possibilities

There have been many times when a well-timed note in the mailbox has been the turning point in a day destined for the doldrums.  With all the technology available, it’s easy to slip someone a text, email or facebook message and I  love sending and receiving these.  They’re a quick way to let someone know I’m thinking of them.  Angie shared a great example of this in her Habits post earlier.

Call me old fashioned but …I still  get giddy at the sight of that un-business shaped card or letter. No computer writing, just script from a human hand.  And as much as I love finding out that someone a day or two ago was thinking of me, I love being the one to do that for someone else even more. Continue reading »

Jan 142010

I know last week I said that we would talk about budgeting today, but I would like to beg your pardon and ask a question today, instead. We’ll visit the topic of budgeting next week.  For now, here is my question:

What is more certain and yet more spontaneous than death? We will all die a bodily death, unless Christ comes first.  Yet we don’t know the day or hour that our time will come.  It can happen today, next month or fifty years from now.

I don’t broach this subject to be morbid or bring you down.  I just find it fascinating that we try to not talk about death, as if by ignoring it, it won’t happen.  When the truth is, that by ignoring it, we fail to plan for the spontaneous event of our passing and we leave a wake of trouble for those we love most. Continue reading »

Jan 072010

The household notebook – also known by many other names – the home binder, control journal, family organizer, command central, etc.  It’s kind of the brain, if you will, containing all those things you need to keep track of in your home. All those things that, if you’re like me, you try to remember in your head, but can’t.

After my great desk clean-off of ’09, I decided I needed something more efficient to help me stay organized, so I set out to research and develop a household notebook.  There are numerous sites and blogs with tips.  I have pooled some of what I like here and included a few links.

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