Jun 062012

We welcome contributing author Melanie Robbins today…
We made a big decision a few months ago, one which will have a significant impact on our family.  I will not be homeschooling my son Nathan next year.  Talk about one of the most important decisions we’ve had to make as parents!

Parenting requires an incredible amount of wisdom.  We are constantly making decisions regarding our children – some are minor and some are major.  Some can have long-lasting effects.  I am so thankful I am not alone in my parenting.  Besides my husband, I have my heavenly Father, who loves my children even more than I do.  I’m thankful that he is omniscient {all-knowing}, omnipresent, and omnipotent {all-powerful}.  I’m thankful, too, that He can and will do all that He promises in His word.  I cling to those promises!  One of my favorites is His promise to give wisdom to those who ask.  {James 1:5}

Please read more at Passionate Purposeful Parenting today…

Melanie is wife to Tyler; married 15 years. She is a homeschooling mom to two precious children. She is passionate about many things including her faith, living life purposefully, and parenting. Her passions and a prompting from God led her to start Passionate Purposeful Parenting, a website created to try to help encourage and equip parents. She is a lover of wisdom and enjoys spending time with friends and family (especially in God’s creation), camping, attending cultural events (doesn’t happen too often), and being physically active. We are grateful that Melanie also contributes here at Habits for a Happy Home.

Dec 082011

I’m not a very good wife or mother sometimes.  My husband knows through my tone, attitude and words that I don’t like what he just did.  The kids are arguing and I raise my voice and tell them to stop fighting.   I struggle with sin and make mistakes.  At times I feel like I really blow it.  I use to get really down on myself (I still occasionally do).  I know that I’m forgiven etc., but so much of my identity can be wrapped up in being a wife, mother, and a homemaker.

Have you ever had one of those days where it feels like you aren’t doing anything right?  Besides struggling with sin, you’re struggling with keeping things together, you’re behind in your commitments, there are so many things that you feel like you should do, but you’re not able to.  You ask yourself how come so and so are able to do this, but not me?  Do you get down on yourself?  Do you find yourself questioning whether you are a good wife? mom? home-maker?  etc.?

Where is your identity or self-worth found?

How do you think of yourself? What is your identity tied to… being a wife, a mother, a friend, a homeschooler, a  homemaker, a writer, a ____________? Continue reading »

Jul 262011

God answered my son’s prayer for a $85 dollar Lego set with a YES. He found 70 dollars on the ground and with that and what he had in spending and recycling money he was within one dollar of the amount he needed. God showed Nathan that He definitely cares about him (my son is a thinker, he asks questions and wants proof), that He listens, and that He answers prayer. My son saw that prayer is powerful. My son prayed, believing that God would answer that prayer; he would check the mailbox looking for a check every day. He didn’t doubt that God could and would answer his prayer.

18And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.” Ephesians 6:18

I am a big believer in the importance and power of prayer. As a result I try and pray often with and for my children. I thought I would share some of what we do to make prayer a priority. Continue reading »

Apr 272011

We, at Habits for a Happy Home, have the pleasure of introducing you to Melanie Robbins. She is the mother and writer behind Passionate Purposeful Parenting. We are excited to announce that she will be writing for us quarterly! Today she is hosting us on her site.

I encourage you to click over and spend some time there. Not only are there parenting posts from 18 authors, there is also a resource section and a prayer calendar.

Now, I will turn it over to Melanie…

Who is Number One?

by Melanie Robbins

They say there is nothing like a mother’s love.  I think most mothers can relate with this saying.

Extravagant love – the love I have for my children.  I would do and/or sacrifice most anything for my children. I don’t believe that there is anything inherently wrong with this, but it can lead to something that should not happen – having my children come before my relationship with God.

I must confess that I feel like I have made my children an idol sometimes. So much of my life, it seems, now revolves around them, especially now that I am homeschooling. Anyone who knows me and/or reads my website/blog knows that I am passionate about parenting.

Children truly are a gift from God.  (Psalm 127: 3) He entrusted them to me to raise the way He would want them to be raised.   I am to love, provide for, and train them up in the way that they should go, yes, but not put them before God. Continue reading »