Resources for Moral Living

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May 182012

Today I share with you some of the resources I turn to often:

Plus a new resource we just recently discovered:

You might also be interested in my series, here at Habits:

  • The Habit of Moral Living, Part IThe founders of our nation believed in a moral code of conduct. Whatever their personal beliefs–whether Christian, Unitarian, or Deist–the moral code by which they conducted themselves was based in the Christian Bible. In the general principles of Christianity can be found the underpinnings of our republic.
  • The Habit of Moral Living, Part 2The “solid foundation of morals” is the Christian faith.  It is a faith of absolutes.  We can know what is right and what is wrong.  The truths expressed in the bible are unassailable.  The republic formed using biblical Christianity as a foundation has endured over 230 years.  Liberty was achieved.
  • The Habit of Moral Living, Part 3What happens when people reject God–the moral foundation of their society?  Benjamin Franklin said that as nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.  The apostle Paul, speaking to the church at Rome, spoke of those who rejected God and the consequences of that rejection.
  • The Habit of Moral Living, Part 4Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. –John Adams, October 11, 1798What happens to people who reject God?  For He is the very moral underpinning of a civil society.  Without Him, the republic cannot subsist any length of time.
  • The Habit of Moral Living, Part 5 The Apostle Paul expands upon his essay about those with “defective thinking” in the book of Galatians.  In chapter 5, he provides a list of behaviors produced by the selfish motives of the defective thinker.

What are your favorite resources?

Daddy Destinations

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Apr 042012

The Earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.  –Psalm 24:1

My wife recently attended a two-day blogging conference.  While at the conference, I spent the days with the children.

Our family has long had a tradition of Daddy Destinations.  A Daddy Destination is a trip to some unannounced place that I have chosen.  These trips are usually a surprise.

On a Friday afternoon, I gathered some items together and put them in the back of the van.  A tablecloth, several bottles of water, paper plates, plastic cups, and forks.  I gathered the children together and told them that we were going to get some supper.

After a stop at the KFC drive-thru for dinner, we drove to a park. This park is a peaceful tract of wilderness just ten minutes from home.  We set a picnic table, and the adventure began…

Join me at Passionate Purposeful Parenting today for the rest of the Daddy adventures…

Tech Tools

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Sep 022011 hurricane cutaway diagram

The above graphic is one pinned on my weather board. Fitting for recent hurricane activity as well as tropical disturbances as we head into this weekend. I’ve also added the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center, Hurricane Center and Underground Weather resources. You can view those here.

Not only can Pinterest be used in all the ways shared this week, it can also be an organizational tool for technology. Having just joined Pinterest this week, I plan to expand my weather, technology, ham radio boards. Plus, I can catalog books worth reading and iPhone apps. My wife has collected technology items on her tech/blog savvy board.

What’s your favorite use for Pinterest?

-Steve keeps busy with five children and a job in information security. He also has a second job as principal of the Hodgepodge homeschool.

Technology Habits

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Jul 222011

Managing the explosion of technological devices making their way into our homes needn’t be a daunting task.  Here is a compilation of technology management posts–both from around the web and from our own archives.

SkyAngel TV ~ Steve – Tired of the vast television wasteland?  Having trouble finding decent programs to view with your family? Enter SkyAngel. SkyAngel is an IP-TV based subscription television service.  The content is not delivered via satellite or cable–it is Internet streaming video.  The vision behind SkyAngel is wholesome family-oriented programming. For more information, read the Dove Foundation review.

-Steve keeps busy with five children and a job in information security. He also has a second job as principal of the Hodgepodge homeschool.

We welcome ideas on good technology use habits.  How does your family promote God-honoring technology use habits?